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Enrique Tarrio - Leader of the Proud Boys

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“If people want to shame me for making this extremely difficult decision, so be it, I will die on that hill. At the end of the day, I was in charge and they had minimal involvement and did not deserve to bear the brunt of my poor decisions. When you are faced with these circumstances, it separates those with courage and those who only look out for themselves,” Tarrio told TGP.  According to the Reuters report, Tarrio’s cooperation lead to the end of a human trafficking ring and helped crush an extensive drug ring. Who wouldn’t do make sacrifices to protect their family and lock up human traffickers and drug smugglers? They sex traffic children and pump our communities full of poison.


“We must ask ourselves, who is truly upset that there are less human traffickers and drug pushers in our communities,” questioned Tarrio who says his family is at risk of those very same violent criminal elements he helped bring to justice because of the information leaked to Reuters.  Interestingly enough, the Judge and prosecutor in Enrique’s 2012 case continue to give quotes and make media appearances outing Tarrio as a one-time informant.  The Judge was appointed by Bill Clinton, a man who was best friends with infamous human trafficker and serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, no surprise there.  When it comes down to it, Tarrio said he would step up to protect his family and friends again, but has no faith that cooperation with the government is a safe pathway for anyone, especially when they will out you to the same violent criminal underworld you might be helping them expose.  “It’s a damn shame.”  Source: The Gateway Pundit. (Return to Trusted News Source Headlines)

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