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A day after threatening to get tough with Vlad Putin, Biden manages to “fall up” a flight of stairs

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Fake media’s “can-do-no-wrong darling” Joe Biden managed to do the unthinkable as he “fell up” a flight of stairs while boarding Air Force One today. Americans have grown accustomed to Biden’s never-ending cringeworthy follies, but the timing of Biden’s recent slapstick escapades could not have been more poorly timed. With poetic irony, the illegitimate leader of the free world “fell up” the same flight of stairs not once, but three times, a mere 24 hours after having threatened to “get tough” with Putin and the Russian regime (Putin and Jinping must be rolling on the floor in laughter).

As Biden and his DNC team demonstrate their incompetence daily since stealing their way into office, the leaders of our enemies are taking note of the bumbling clown and fraud we now have in the White House. Our enemies are not only unimpressed, but they are also clearly salivating over what appears to be the weakest leader and administration in American history.

If circumstances were not so severe, this would be comedy by the day – and a special “serving of crow” to the idiots and liars in mainstream media. Of course, mainstream media will do whatever they can to play down this matter. Nevertheless, the stakes are extremely high, and Americans already understand that American prosperity, security, and sovereignty are teetering (and no propaganda from the media will alter the obvious facts before us). The most criminal regimes around the world are taking note and seeing America in its most vulnerable position of compromise in our history. It is time for the DNC to “unplug” this rapidly declining fraud and ensure America finds at least some semblance of strength. The best strategy would be for the DNC to maintain Trump’s platform of success and abandon their kabuki theater of progressive politics from this point forward. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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