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A lens into the disgraceful "Business of Covid Marketing" from America's hospitals

September 16, 2021: This video reveals the dubious and unethical relationship between hospital executives, doctors, and marketing executives. This disgraceful "performance" by senior hospital administrators, doctors and marketing experts at NRMC Hospital in Wilmington North Carolina should be treated as a criminal offence.

As you watch this video, ask yourself these questions. Why are Covid data and hospital statistics being manipulated by marketing experts? Why are hospital administrators and doctors working with marketing experts to "package / brand / exaggerate" Covid cases? How often do hospital experts team up with marketing agents to package hospital messaging? Is the NRMC Hospital unethical behavior common to all hospitals across the nation? What is the financial incentive driving this partnership between hospitals and marketing agents? Who is responsible for regulating this type of unethical conduct by our hospitals and hospital administrators? Is this display of unethical hospital conduct and Covid malfeasance occurring elsewhere in the world?

This video should sicken anyone who cares about medical integrity and objects to the role our hospitals are playing in pushing Covid propaganda and intentionally fomenting unnecessary fear in society. This is yet another reason why confidence in public health and the medical system continues to plummet and why vaccine hesitancy persists and is intensifying through time.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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