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Aaron Rodgers rightfully slams "the media mob" over its rabid Covid-Vaccine-Mandate obsession

November 7, 2021: Green Bay Packers quarterback and league MVP Aaron Rodgers recently participated in a Pat McAfee Show interview (November 5) and confirmed the NFL's mandate is not based on science but is an "unscientific dogma" being forced on league players in order to appease the left-wing "woke-mob" and agents of the "shame game" (a pathetically ignorant and sycophantic cult consisting of sport & mainstream media windbags, professional sport league officials, Hollywood know-it-alls, and high profile well-sponsored public health bureaucrats).

During the interview, Rodgers revealed that he spoke with podcast star Joe Rogan after testing positive for the coronavirus. Based on insights from his family physician and from close friend Joe Rogan, Rodgers made an informed decision to use a proven (proactive prophylactic) protocol that included Ivermectin.

The truth is that Aaron Rodgers is many times more knowledgeable and rational about Covid and early treatment protocols available than are most people. The "gasbags" in sports entertainment and mainstream media are furious only because they continue to be exposed as frauds and hacks obsessed with peddling Covid propaganda and politics rather than telling the truth about Covid medicine and science.

The hot air continues to leak out of the "Covid vaccine propaganda balloon". We can expect many more professional athletes and truthful sports officials to follow the path carved by courageous leaders like Joe Rogan, Dana White, Aaron Rogers, and Kyrie Irving.

In time, those who chose to ridicule and cancel based on "social fashion" rather than researching the topic of Covid vaccine technology itself will deeply regret their decision (and ignorance) for many different reasons.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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