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Alternative Social Apps: Breaking free from the Tech Tyrants all in a single screenshot!

A common question being asked by our Extremely American community continues to be: “How can I break away from the grip of the ‘tech titans’ and their suite of social applications?” Extremely American has covered this topic several times over the past few months but this topic continues to be an important theme to cover and one that should be repeated to ensure our community can confidently migrate away from an eliminate the likes of Google, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and all the contaminated mainstream sources of media and journalism.

The screenshot illustrated in the article image is from my personal smart phone and is, by far, the screen that I use most often for my daily social app activities and media enjoyment. The apps illustrated on the screenshot allow me to send and receive private/secure emails, run reliable and ‘clean’ searches, enjoy robust messenger and social hub apps free of censorship and suppression, share and stream videos without interference, operate from a highly secure browser, access the best sources of non-mainstream media and journalism, and manage an independent website without interference from the usual mainstream tech tyrants. All of this without any reliance of Google, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and all the contaminated mainstream sources of media and journalism – which is an incredible feeling of satisfaction! By: Extremely American Colin Wright

For your reference, the following apps (all available at no cost) are listed along with their website homepages:

Signal (messenger service): signal.org

Telegram (messenger and social hub): telegram.org

Gab (social hub): gab.com

Rumble (video viewing and streaming): rumble.com

Brave (browser): brave.com

BitChute (video creation and hosting): bitchute.com

Clubhouse (social network): joinclubhouse.com

CloutHub (social network and hub): clouthub.com

Anchor (podcast creation platform): anchor.fm

Parler (social network and hub): parler.com

Periscope (livestream video creation and sharing): periscope.tv

Locals (access to creators and social communities): locals.com

Imgur (online image sharing): imgur.com

Reddit (social and community hub): reddit.com

SYOTU (social hub): syotu.com

WIX (website development platform): wix.com

The Epoch Times (trusted journalism): theepochtimes.com

Breitbart (trusted journalism and news aggregator): breitbart.com

Trending Politics (trusted journalism and news aggregator): trendingpolitics.com

Real Americas Voice (alternative to mainstream news): americasvoice.news

OAN (alternative to mainstream news): oann.com

Newsmax TV (alternative to mainstream news): newsmax.com

ProtonMail (independent, private, and secure email): protonmail.com

Extremely American (independent news & journalism): extremelyamerican.com

DuckDuckGo (independent search engine): duckduckgo.com