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America is fed up with Fauci & his public health policy pseudo-science-fiction

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

April 12, 2021: Over the past year, America and the rest of the world have come to know all about the unrelenting contradictions and hypocrisy from lifelong bureaucrat Anthony Fauci. Fauci’s constant pursuit of the political and media spotlight has offered people a lens into: (1) Fauci’s arrogance, (2) Fauci’s ignorance and hypocrisy, (3) Fauci’s appetite for attention, and (4) Fauci’s political aspirations. In moments where anyone dares to call out Fauci for his well documented lies, pivots, and ‘reversals’, Fauci also shows a hostile sensitivity and temperament. Of course, media networks and journalists have elevated this fraud to ‘pop star’ status where their key role is to promote and protect this pseudo-health ‘expert’. Fortunately, a growing number of Americans are becoming aware of this fraud and are ready to discard him as just another global bureaucrat masquerading around the US and the globe as a health care expert.

Since being appointed as the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in 1984, Fauci has naturally seen a steady increase in his salary ($417,608 in 2019) to a point where he is the highest paid federal government ‘figure head’. Fauci’s salary far exceeds that of the President of the United States and the other 4 million people making up the bloated US federal government. So, the unwarranted adornment by the media combined with what appears to be a ‘life-long appointment’ makes Fauci vastly over-rated and obscenely over-paid.

Extremely American covered the most recent Fauci-Birx announcement by President Trump. The details of President Trump’s statement highlighted the incompetence and corrupt nature Fauci from a first-hand perspective. President Trump also commented on the political ideological ‘interests’ associated with both Fauci and Birx (for more details, refer to:

Fauci is annoying for many reasons. His love affair with media (CNN, CBS, MSNBC), lame morning TV shows (the View), and so-called late night ‘entertainers’ (Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert) are credibility-breakers. His ready willingness to take undeserved credit for all things good and cast the finger of blame for all things bad is pretty much a clinically pathological disability for Fauci – in Fauci we are dealing with a megalomaniac of immense proportion. Unfortunately, Fauci’s inconsistency, vague positioning, ‘constant pivots’, and outstanding tradition of being wrong about virtually everything important makes him completely unlikeable and disreputable in the eyes of informed people. Similarly, Fauci’s constant ‘doom-and-gloom’ perspectives have grown tiresome as every time he claims the sky is falling, the sky does not fall – thankfully Fauci is always wrong so his perpetual predictions of doom never materialize. In the end, Fauci’s ignorant, contradictory, and reckless way of communicating only serves to confuse and frighten the uninformed and anger and insult the informed.

Over the past year we have seen Fauci proclaim masks were not essential. Several months later, wearing a mask became essential. Several months after that, Fauci encouraged people to wear multiple masks. Most recently, the panacea of the vaccine was diluted when Fauci claimed that people should wear masks after having been vaccinated. And these days, Fauci claims that the current generation of vaccines will be insufficient to cover ‘other new variants’ of Covid. This is pure Fauci: state things with artificial confidence, flip-flop, pivot, reverse, disregard all other health experts, lie with immunity, seek fame and financial gain. None of this matches the profile of a professional health and medical expert. Indeed, the fact pattern is in perfect line with the profile of a slithery politician and bureaucrat.

Fortunately, we have seen Fauci called out on his dishonesty, ignorance, and grandstanding. Most Americans (and others around the world) were thrilled to see US Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky) expose Fauci for the fraud he is during a nationally televised US Senate hearing (March 18, 2021). During this Senate hearing Senator Paul drew attention to Fauci’s ‘theater’ as he continued to wear two masks despite already having been vaccinated. Senator Paul asserted, “You are parading around in two masks for show - there's virtually 0% chance you're going to get it and you're telling people that have had the vaccine who have immunity — you're defying everything we know about immunity”. (American Thinker - Jeff Crouere; March 22, 2021) Fauci’s mask-theater is all about gaining even greater favor with Biden and media to push the rationale for the left’s excessive public health policies while attempting to ensconce his position for years to come.

As Fauci continues to relentlessly assault America’s sense of freedom, Americans have come to realize that Fauci could care less about the concept of freedom and the vicious consequences of his rogue public health policies. Common men and women and all small businesses are simply necessary collateral damage for Fauci and his political anti-American inner circle. During the US Senate hearing (March 18) Senator Paul said, "Dr. Fauci is very blasé and unconcerned about liberty, but I think the burden should be on the government to prove it. If they want to dictate mine and your behavior, the burden is on them to present the evidence [of mask efficacy]." (Newsweek – Daniel Villarreal; March 19, 2021)

Interestingly, as more people become aware of Fauci’s public health ‘fiction’, re-opened states (like Florida and Texas) are showing Covid infection rates that are far lower than most other states under the tight grip of excessive and strict public health mandates. Despite the debate over mask efficacy and protracted lockdowns, Dr. Fauci and his partners in the DNC ‘cartel’ have are wedded to the idea of permanent mask mandates, severe limits to economic activity, mandatory Covid passports, and sweeping restrictions to personal freedom in the name of public health fanaticism. While Fauci will claim these measures mitigate the spread of Covid, he is speechless about their role in destroying 22 million American jobs and causing hundreds of thousands of serious indirect health crises. (American Thinker - Jeff Crouere; March 22, 2021) When asked to comment on the surge in rates of depression, suicide, drug overdoses, and untreated health problems, ‘health genius’ Fauci remains unusually and conspicuously silent.

Fortunately, as Covid case counts, hospitalization rates, and death counts plummet in America and around the world, people are eager to resume their freedom and normal way of life. But Fauci and the Biden team remain committed to their fear and panic tactics as they dress up the next big public health crisis (hoax) re-packaged as the Covid variant ‘boogeyman’. Despite all the hype over the roll-out of the Covid vaccine, Fauci continues to push the notion of ‘indefinite’ Covid mandates. But many Americans have reached their limit and appear ready to demand a return to their freedom.

Simply put, trading our freedom for the mirage of ‘perfect public health safety’ is a mug’s game. Benjamin Franklin put it best when he said, “those who give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”. More than one year into the theatre and political scheming of Fauci (all dressed up as public health concern), Americans find themselves starved for freedom and liberty. It is time to demand the return of our freedom which requires Fauci to step aside and get out of the way of true public health, freedom, and happiness. All patriots should make it clear to their political representatives that Fauci’s ‘best-before-date’ expired a long time ago. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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