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Americans have to go 'Down Under' to find an objective & honest media assessment of Joe Biden

July 26, 2021: CNN recently hosted its town hall "extravaganza" starring Joe Biden (the flop of an event was held on July 21 and drew a miniscule 1 million viewers). And once again, a handful of Americans were "treated" to a gong show of moronic and babbling comments from the fraud masquerading as a president in the White House.

Sky News Australia has a fine tradition of objective and professional journalism and their approach to responsible news coverage was on display as they critically reviewed a collection of cringeworthy moments from the laughable July 21 CNN town hall. In this Sky News Australia video segment, the cast from Sky News Australia not only covered the "pile of cringe" from the CNN town hall but also offered interesting comments regarding the US mainstream media cartel's effort to do the impossible - throw cover for Biden's immense ignorance. As seen from this video, even corrupt and manipulative mainstream media (like CNN) cannot hide the ignorance of Joe Biden.

Enjoy the cringeworthy video clips and the entertaining coverage and assessment offered by the Sky News Australia panel. This never gets old.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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