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Americans relieved to see Canada Eliminate Woke Woman's Team Wearing Team USA Jerseys

Here is what Yahoo Sports Fans had to say about the Team Woke:

  • "I can't believe I'm happy a Canadian team beat our U.S. team, but that's how these woke soccer players who injected politics into the Olympics made me feel," one commenter wrote.

  • "I'm an American, but was cheering for Canada," another commenter said.

  • "Maybe if they spent more time playing soccer and less time embarrassing America they would have done better," another commenter observed. "First time I ever rooted for a U.S. team to lose."

  • "I never thought I'd live long enough to root against a U.S. team in the Olympics," another commenter said. "Then again, these protesters in shorts weren't really representing the U.S."

  • "Outstanding!" another commenter declared. "They don't deserve to represent this country, and I'm glad they lost."

  • "Looks like they shoulda practiced soccer a bit more ... than politics," another commenter noted. "As an American, I am sad to be so glad. Hope they lose the bronze, too."

  • "Glad to see this," another commenter said. "If you can't respect and represent the country that sent you there, then you don't belong on that podium."

  • "Y'all wanted to be 'woke' cause that's the hip thing to do, disrespect the flag and those who sacrificed for it, and act ugly by protesting and throwing tantrums?" another commenter asked. "Karma's got ya. I'm glad you lost, and I hope you won't get bronze, either, cause you don't deserve it."

Thankfully Americans wont have to see the insufferable America hater Megan Rapinoe wearing a Team USA Jersey during the Olympics.


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