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Ancient Remedies to Relieve Symptoms Caused by COVID‐19: Natural Nutrition & Natural Immunity

Ancient Remedies to Relieve Symptoms Caused by COVID‐19

February 7, 2023: COVID-19 has various manifestations such as respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, renal, neurological, and so forth. During COVID-19 outbreaks, antipyretic analgesics, antibiotics, respiratory tract infection medication, and painkillers may be sold out or hard to find.

Recently, disposable pants for incontinence have become an item that people rush to buy in China. Jonathan Liu, a professor at a public college in Canada, suggested that traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) remedies can help to relieve the symptoms of COVID-19 and incontinence.

Generic Drugs

In response to shortages of antipyretic analgesics, antibiotics, respiratory tract infection medication, and other medicine, Liu shared a generic drug list for the public’s reference. He suggested patients take medicine with caution and consult medical advice.

1. Antipyretic analgesics

Acetaminophen, such as Tylenol (for pain and fever reduction) is commonly used. Aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen may also be used.

2. Antibiotics

Liu said that COVID-19 is a virus, and antibiotics do not work on viruses. Unless the patients are seriously ill or there is a complication of bacterial infection which requires antibiotics, otherwise, patients with mild symptoms do not need antibiotics.

3. Respiratory tract infection medication

This type of medication treats cough and improves respiratory function. But for patients of mild cases, Liu emphasized that antitussives and expectorants are not necessary. He said that the cough after the fever has subsided is a protective reflex to remove secretions and viral residues from the respiratory tract and should not be suppressed. If the cough lingers after one week, some medication may then be needed.

Easing COVID Symptoms Using Traditional Chinese Medicine

Liu suggested using TCM ingredients and remedies that can be found in Asian and natural food stores as well as online. They are inexpensive, convenient, and can effectively relieve symptoms. 1. Early stage of infection

The recipe of ‘ginger and scallion for triggering perspiration’ should be followed as soon as possible for patients with symptoms of fever, anhidrosis (lack of sweating), and body aches. Make tea by boiling seven pieces of ginger, and three pieces of sliced scallion. Drink the tea until sweating starts. Use this recipe for inducing perspiration from the first day the symptoms occur.

Recipe for “ginger and scallion for triggering perspiration” (Health 1+1 / The Epoch Times)

2. During a fever

Once you enter the stage of a fever, feeling cold, and muscle fatigue you can take Pueraria root decoction. Because Pueraria root decoction contains Pueraria roots and ephedra, it is effective for inducing sweating, and it is particularly suitable for those with general soreness and pain without sweating.

Use ephedra decoction if you still cannot sweat, with a reduced dosage for children. In addition, since ephedra increases blood pressure and causes rapid heartbeat, elderly with high blood pressure and heart disease should not take ephedra. Instead, they should take Ginseng Toxin-Vanquishing Powder. If the patient is seriously ill, it is best to go to the hospital.

The above decoctions and powder are available online and in natural food and Asian markets. Follow the recommended dosage on the label. 3. Recurrent fever

Take “Minor Bupleurum Formula” decoction as directed on the product label. (Available online and in Asian and natural food stores.)

4. Muscle fatigue

Viruses attack the body during fever and lead to muscle fatigue. After bringing down the fever, muscle fatigue can be relieved by maintaining a balanced diet and with proper rest.

5. Visit a TCM practitioner for a sore throat that feels like “swallowing razor blades.”

Liu said that having a TCM practitioner release three to five drops of blood at Shangyang point (LI 1) on the finger, massaging, or performing acupuncture at Hegu point (LI 4), Dazhui point (DU14), and Ashi point can relieve sore throat.

In particular, Liu recommended moxibustion at Dazhui point to the elderly, especially those with underlying health problems. Moxibustion is a format of heat treatment, which works by burning the dry plant ingredients on the skin or very close to the skin surface.

Pain can be relieved at the acupuncture points. (Heath 1+1 / The Epoch Time)The TCM term “acupuncture point” refers to points located on the body’s “meridian system,” most of t which are located where many nerve endings and blood vessels converge. TCM stimulates the respective “acupuncture points” using acupuncture, massage, and so on, to strengthen qi (vital energy) and blood circulation, and overcome blockages of the meridian system. Hence the symptoms of the diseases can be cured.

TCM discovered the meridian system in the human body is responsible for transporting “qi” and blood throughout the body. They are the basic substances constituting the human body and maintaining life activities in the human body. Qi and blood circulate to maintain the balance and stability of various tissues and organs in the human body.

Solutions for Incontinence

COVID-19 can directly or indirectly damage neurons by invading the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. Studies have already shown that contracting COVID-19 may cause bladder and bowel incontinence by inducing inflammation and demyelination in the pudendal nerve.

The new wave of incontinence among COVID-19 patients (in China) raises the question of whether Omicron, which originally attacked only the upper respiratory tract, has mutated and is now attacking the digestive tract.

Liu believes that incontinence in young people without consciousness impairment may be a combination of other bacterial or viral infections of the digestive tract. Generally, incontinence when consciousness is present means that kidney function is affected or that the nervous system is damaged.

Liu said that to nourish the kidney for resuming the functions of regulating bowel movement and urination, moxibustion by a TCM practitioner can be performed at Guanyuan point (RN 4), Shuidao point (ST 28), Zhongji points (RN 3), which are located near the navel, and Shenshu point (BL23)and Zhibian point (UB54) at the back. The practitioner may also prescribe Hoelen & Peony Combination decoction.

Heath 1+1 InfographicHeath 1+1 InfographicLiu reminded us that vaccination only stimulates one’s immunity. Maintaining a strong immune system requires a disciplined lifestyle including getting to bed early, eating healthy food in moderate portions, maintaining a positive attitude, and even taking care of others, all of which can help make you healthier.

The above decoctions and powder are available online and in natural food and Asian markets.

Source: The Epoch Times Amber Yang worked as a marketing manager for natural skin care products for years and as a health and beauty reporter and editor for ten years. She is also the host and producer of the YouTube programs "Amber Running Green" and "Amber Health Interview."


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