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AOC Mask Hygiene: The truth lies beneath the “make-up”

April 25, 2021: As the CDC and other public health authorities (like Fauci) continue to flip-flop on mask-wearing guidelines, outspoken mask-wearing fanatics, and virtue-signalers like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (“AOC”) continue to lecture the world on the importance of permanent mask-wearing and permanent lockdown restrictions. According to AOC, “individuals who wear disposable masks save more lives than those who serve in the military or police force”. Similarly, according to AOC, “those who don’t wear masks, don’t care about human life and the safety of others”. In absurd statements like this, the ignorance and “woke” fanaticism of AOC and the left is on full display. Keep in mind that AOC and anyone else who preach the “need” for masks, social distancing, and lockdowns will never provide scientific metrics, thresholds, and projected deadlines for the removal of these excessive “public health” measures – in other words, their intention is to keep such measures in place permanently. (Gateway Pundit – Kristinn Taylor; April 22, 2021)

The image used to capture this short article says so much about the Covid “zealots” who are preaching to and shaming the rest of us daily. In the article photo, please observe the half-worn mask of AOC. Does it look hygienic? Does it look re-used? Does it look like something that will protect against a microbial sized flu virus? Lastly, just how make-up does the former bartender and current political fraud wear? Unfortunately, it almost looks like AOC is using her “life saving disposable mask” for multiple purposes – use your imagination here! By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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