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As the DNC plans to undermine the Midterm Process, the RNC mobilizes around the 'Precinct Strategy'

RNC Hits Election Integrity Milestones 100 Days Before Midterm Elections

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has hit multiple election integrity milestones with 100 days left before midterm election night when millions of voters will go to the polls, Breitbart News has learned.

By: Jacob Bliss

July 31, 2022: The RNC, the central committee for the Republican Party responsible for various actions such as fundraising and election strategy, has continued its multi-million-dollar investment into election integrity for the midterm elections.

These investments include 17 state election integrity directors and 28 in-state election integrity councils, who have recruited tens of thousands of poll watchers and workers in battleground states across the country.

With 100 days left before the election, the RNC has surpassed a significant milestone with over 32,000 poll watchers in primary, general, and special elections so far this cycle. In addition, they have made over 65,000 unique volunteer engagements and have held over 2,700 Election Integrity trainings.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told Breitbart News, “Since the start of the cycle, we’ve made a multi-million dollar investment in our Election Integrity program, from engaging in over 50 lawsuits to recruiting thousands of poll watchers and poll workers to ensure transparency at the ballot box.”

The chairwoman added that the committee is “firing on all cylinders to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat,” as the RNC was able to have 100 percent coverage of all the key polling locations in battleground states throughout the primary season, where elections have run smoothly and turnout has increased.

Since the start of the midterm election cycle, the RNC has executed its election integrity operation in states that have already held elections, such as Ohio, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and New Jersey, as well as others.

  • Georgia’s May primary elections ran smoothly, with turnout rising by approximately 300 percent in May early voting compared to 2018. There were poll watchers in 100 percent of the precincts the RNC believed to be key.

  • In Texas’s March primary, the RNC also secured 100 percent coverage in the precincts they believed to be key. With the exception of Democrat-run Harris County, elections ran smoothly statewide, and voter turnout skyrocketed.

  • In Virginia’s 2021 gubernatorial elections, the RNC also had 100 percent coverage in the precincts they believed to be key, with thousands of poll watchers spread across 37 key counties.

  • The committee also successfully intervened and defended against Democrat and DOJ lawsuits challenging key recent election reforms in states such as Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, and Texas.

The RNC’s goal for election integrity is to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat by ensuring elections have various safeguards such as voter ID, absentee signature matching and safeguards, bipartisan observers, updated voter rolls, and timely processing and counting of ballots. Such measures have bipartisan support, according to a poll.

Source: Breitbart News


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