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Biden created an Afghan Terrorist Super-state: "The blood of the free world is on Biden's hands"

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

August 27, 2021: Joe Biden has a long trail of disastrous domestic and foreign policies. After 8 months of his illegitimate and fraudulent tenure, Biden has dismantled the US economy, rattled the global economy, mismanaged the US debt, engaged in excessive frivolous public spending, triggered hyper-inflation, recklessly opened the southern borders, broken US national security, promoted terrorism, demolished the energy and manufacturing industrial sectors, mismanaged Covid public health, driven national crime rates to all time highs, and broken some of America's strongest traditional alliances.

The "crescendo" of this week's disaster in Afghanistan is equally incompetent but this time we can directly see the effect of Biden's incompetence measured in terms of the visible loss of human life - innocent Americans and international civilians have paid the price for the fraud who was planted in the White House. This time, unfortunately, there is visible and irrefutable proof of Biden's incompetent actions resulting in the death of Americans and international civilians. This time the corrupt DNC Party, media, globalists, and agents of the Industrial Military Complex cannot hide the truth from the masses.

We know and saw Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Lloyd Austin, Antony Blinken, General Mark Milley, Jen Psaki, and other disgraceful members of the Biden administration repeatedly lie about the situation leading up to yesterday's tragedy (especially in recent weeks). We saw Biden make excuses during his lame press event where it appeared that he was more interested in celebrating the "record-breaking" size of the emergency airlift underway and using the death of his son Beau as his usual shameful play for pity.

Joe Biden has cost America national security, national prosperity, unparalleled intergenerational debt, and now human life. Blood is on his hands and the hands of his entire administration (including a complicit mainstream media). Biden must be removed from office for the safety of the US and the entire free world.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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