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Biden & his illegitimate administration delivered Inflation to America & it was intentional

March 13, 2022: Joe Biden and his vast collection of failed Marxist policies caused skyrocketing inflation along with a raging river of other crippling economic and social disasters from the start of his illegitimate entry into the White House. The data is irrefutable in spite of Biden's hyper-defensiveness and chronic reliance on blaming others for the state of the American nation.

During President Trump's term, we never saw the havoc, trials, and tribulations that are so prevalent and so characteristic of Biden's 15 months of failure posing as a president. Instead, 15 months of Biden and an illegitimate administration has delivered nothing but failures and lame excuses for failure. Enabling the Russian-Ukraine military crisis will not succeed in distracting Americans away from the absolute failure of Biden and his team of traitors. They've used the past 15 months to derail and undermine America - this is their only "accomplishment" since stealing their way into office.


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