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Biden & Pelosi's $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill is a horrendous & frivolous waste of tax payer's money

September 29, 2021: Below are videos covering several thought leaders in the area of responsible government spending. Anyone with "financial acumen" and a commitment to responsible fiscal management is labelling the Biden & Pelosi spending bill as a grotesquely wasteful "infrastructure" bill. This spending bill conveniently targets "human infrastructure" (ie. virtually nothing to do with physical infrastructure), "operating costs" of big government (ie. purely wasteful, untraceable spending), and "special interest spending" (ie. DNC socialist pet projects and "redistribution" of funds).

The spending bill is not just a frivolous spending bill but it carries a massive price tag that will scar the fiscal condition of America for generations to come. To put the $3.5 trillion into perspective, this 2,500 page $3.5 trillion dollar spending bill is $1.4 billion per page.

The insulting claim by Biden and his DNC clowns is that this is a "zero dollar bill". The claim is preposterous and it takes the ultimate in gullibility to believe that a $3.5 trillion "boondoggle" spending bill carries "zero financial burden" and "zero future liability" on today's American tax payer and inescapable financial liabilities imposed on future generations. Fortunately, most Americans have come to know and realize that Biden, Pelosi, and the DNC Marxists are a collection of liars who are clueless when it comes to managing an economy.

The GOP must treat this $3.5 trillion dollar spending bill as "dead on arrival" regardless of the inevitable threats and trickery to come from the DNC Marxist Party. Not a single American should rest comfortable until this outrageous DNC money grab is blown-up altogether.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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