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Biden's Booster "Ceremony" - it doesn't get any more staged and fake than this

September 28, 2021: Viva Friel provided some great context to Biden's most recent PR disaster and bad acting. The following quote came from Viva regarding the fraud Joe Biden and his staged "booster shot" ceremony:

The same people saying “it’s no big deal this is a stage, he needed proper lighting”, are the same ones saying "a teenager just committed suicide because of lockdowns? They obviously had underlying mental issues to begin with”. People willingly deluding themselves for convenience. (Viva Friel - September 28)

If so-called leaders like Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are staging their vaccine shots, how can anyone with a shred of common sense and critical thinking believe anything these corrupt politicians (and their accomplices in public health) have to say about Covid or the vaccines? The short answer is that nothing they say can be believed.

Just look at this ridiculously staged Photo OP and ask yourself: "Why? Why the ceremony? Why the staging? ". There is no acceptable answer.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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