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Biden’s Crimes, Bogus Trump Verdict & Vindictive Deep State Operatives | Must-Watch PBD Podcast

June 9, 2024: Tom Fitton is the President of Judicial Watch, a public interest group dedicated to investigating and prosecuting government corruption. Fitton's commitment to transparency and accountability in government has made him a respected figure in the conservative movement.

Fitton and Judicial Watch have been involved in high-profile cases including a FOIA request for Clinton tapes, advising Trump on retaining presidential records, seeking the release of the Tennessee Covenant school killer manifesto, and a lawsuit over an FBI memo on the protection of legacy tokens.

Podcast Topics:

4:26 - Republicans

10:35 - James Comey

13:46 - Trump Secret Service Act

19:31 - Enemy’s move

48:46 - Strategies to fight

57:48 - Trump's sentencing affect on America

1:06:46 - Steve Bannon

1:17:31 - Clintons

1:23:46 - Wuhan & Covid

1:34:16 - Biden / Hur

1:38:46 - Biden's Cognitive Decline


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