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Biden, the Democrats & their Media Cartel have lied about Inflation from the start - video proof

July 3, 2022: Think about this 2-minute video (above) every time you fuel up at a gas station, go to the grocery story, and pay your monthly utility bills.

Joe Biden, Janet Yellen, Jerome Powell, Jennifer Granholm, and the "Green Democrat World Liberal Party" dumped the current inflationary nightmare on America all while spinning, lying, and laughing about the likely consequences of their reckless "progressive" economic platform. Unfortunately, those 'likely consequences' have arrived and are getting worse with each passing month under Biden's illegitimate and incompetent administration.

This video alone, should convince every rational and fair-minded American voter (irrespective of party affiliation) to vote against every single Democrat representative running for election in the upcoming November midterms.

In the 10-minute video below, Mark Levin offers the sober truth about today's terminal inflation, from Biden's role in causing it to the dark projections we face moving forward.


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