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Brace yourself: Biden is Calling for a "Unified National Response" to the looming "Climate Crisis"

June 23, 2021: This is all so predictable. As the globalists and their national political operatives / sycophants prepare to "pivot" away from Covid pandemic lock-downs, the next manipulative maneuver will take us all in the direction of sweeping shutdowns on the basis of a so-called "climate crisis". In typical form, the globalists and their national establishment cronies have branded the latest form of authoritarian lock-downs as a "Unified National Response" - which is code and script for another wave of indefinite economic and social lock-downs. This new form of political tyranny will use the Covid playbook to spook people into willingly lock themselves up based on the latest form of fearmongering (a climate "crisis"). Isn't it incredible how all of these politicians are always perfectly positioned to "plan" so far ahead of these looming crises - it's almost as if these crises have been planned in advance [sarcasm].

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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