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Brazilian Mom Fights for Freedom: “Only the Armed Forces Can Save Brazil”

Brazilian Mom Fights for Freedom: “Only the Armed Forces Can Save Brazil”

By: Richard Abelson

December 18, 2022: Samia Sittel-Faraj is the head of the Brazilian Conservative League in Europe. On Dec. 6, she presented a catalogue of complaints about the recent Brazilian elections to MP Beatrix von Storch in the German Bundestag, as reported.

Gateway Pundit interviewed Sittel-Faraj about the fight for election integrity in Brazil:

What proof is there the election was stolen?

It all starts with the electronic voting machines.

We have 2 types: The ones from 2020, which are auditable, and the ones from pre-2020 which are not auditable.

There is an Argentine data expert named Fernando Cerimedo (Gateway Pundit reported). He and his team analyzed the election results, and this is the summary in a nutshell:

  • On the auditable voting machines from 2020, Bolsonaro won.

  • On the non-auditable voting machines prior to 2020, Lula da Silva won.

  • Invalid and blank votes were counted for Lula, 100%.

  • Voting must finish at 5 pm. However, after 5 pm, they were still counting votes. All of these votes went for Lula.

  • The election supervisor accessed different ballots, in different locations.

  • After 5 pm, votes were suddenly counted slower and gave the advantage to Lula – mostly in areas in which Bolsonaro was ahead.

If the elections were clean and transparent, why is everyone who dares to ask questions or voice their opinion being hunted, censored, fined, and have their social media channels taken down?

If you read the Berlin Declaration we issued, you will see all instruments used by the Superior Electoral Court were used against conservatives and Bolsonaro supporters.

Why are there no media reporting, if there are millions of people protesting?

We have alternative media reporting, but the Supreme Court has empowered itself to remove channels and people.

Even Congressmen are persecuted by the Supreme Court, which has its own police. Many of them are forbidden to use social media.

(Gateway: Essentially, the Supreme Court has taken over the powers of the Executive and Legislative branches in Brazil.)

What is the situation now?

This weekend, we will have major protests inside and outside Brazil.

I do not think the Brazilian people will give up, as there are is too much at stake.

The people will keep protesting until those guilty of election fraud are removed.

Millions of people are heading to Brasilía.

I have heard of a national general strike.

People are being instructed to stock up on food.

Do you think the military will intervene?

The Armed Forces are on alert.

Many special operations took place in Brazil after the elections. There is intelligence information indicating threats from neighboring countries. Armed forces were sent to protect the borders.

The people and legal experts are calling for the Army to invoke Article 142, which applies in cases of Fraud, Corruption and Irregularites produced by the judiciary against the people., empowering the Army to reestablish order.

The Armed Forces are the only ones who can save Brazil.

What do you think will happen?

We hope for a military intervention. That is what Brazilians are asking for with their peaceful protests.

In 1964, there was a peaceful protest by women who went out on the streets, asking for the Army to save Brazil from Communism, and they did.

Now, the protests are on a different scale, much bigger than in 1964.

The people have set up a huge encampment outside Military Headquarters. Every day, more and more people join the protests. The indigenous people are also there.

We do not have any institutions to help us.

Our Supreme Court is compromised and does not obey our Constitution.

Why do the Indios support Bolsonaro?

Bolsonaro treats them like Brazilians, and not like an endangered species in the zoo. In the past, many leftist organizations got millions to supposedly help the indigenous, but most of them did nothing to help them.

Bolsonaro wants the indigenous people to be able to produce things on their land. He wants them to be able to use modern technology, without any loss of their cultural identity.

The leftists, on the other hand, want them to remain primitive and not be able to use modern technology to make a living on their own.

The indigenous protesting in Brasilía now said their villages voted for Bolsonaro.

However, their votes went to Lula. They are angry and think their votes have been stolen.

About Samia Sittel-Faraj

Samia Sittel-Faraj is a mother of two with a Master’s degree in marketing, who runs a business with her husband in Germany. As the head of the Liga Conservadora Brasil-Alemanha, she works closely with the other conservatives “to defend our pillars of God, Family, Fatherland and freedom”, she says.


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