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Byron Donalds: Democrat Scandal Fog is Dense, the Wake of Biden's Failure is Historic & Unending

Byron Donalds Exposes Biden Administration’s Countless Failures in Must-Watch Supercut

August 29, 2023 (Updated): Florida powerhouse Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL) lit into the Biden administration Tuesday, releasing a video that mocks its “historic” first two years previously touted by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

“Inflation’s highest increase in four decades. Baby formula shortage. The supply chain crisis in full display,” read news reporters covering the sagging economy that has plagued President Joe Biden’s first term. Republicans have knocked the president for, among other things, worsening inflation through billions of dollars in spending during the pandemic, increased gas prices caused by stalled domestic drilling projects, and hiking interest rates in a bid to wrestle the economy back under control.


The number of setbacks highlighted by Rep. Donalds is stunning in its breadth, a summation of news coverage that rises and falls with the frequency of social media posts and fails to stick in the public consciousness for long. However, Republicans are sure to use Donalds’ highlights as they prepare an all-out assault on President Biden’s handling of the economy in the race for president.

Throughout his first term, President Biden has at various times defended teachers unions who slowed the school reopening process after COVID-19 subsided, leading to a precipitous decline in math and reading scores for children nationwide. Also highlighted in the video are investigations by the FBI into parents’ rights organizations, a familiar line of attack Republicans have used alleging the “weaponization” of government against political enemies under Biden.

The calamity of America’s pullout from Afghanistan, also highlighted, is another instance that President Biden will surely have to answer for on the campaign trail. The president insisted on a speedy withdrawal, leading to horrific scenes at the Kabul airport of suicide bombers taking the lives of American soldiers and Afghanis dangling from the wheels of planes as they flew into the sky. More recently, President Biden has been on the defensive over his administration’s handling of the Maui fires, offering insipid comments to reporters and appearing to fall asleep at a ceremony for victims. Republicans have called the tragedy another example of appointing inexperienced political appointees to oversee major government functions.

President Biden is suffering from anemic polling among Americans who largely disapprove of both his job performance and handling of the economy. He has fallen behind former President Donald Trump in some head-to-head polling and faces a competitive primary election from Democratic challenger Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


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