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California's Net Migration trend is an irrefutable sign of Gavin Newsom's failure as a Governor

July 15, 2022: The next time you see Gavin Newsom strutting and blustering in front of his media allies and their video cameras, remind yourself of the 2021 Net Migration Graph & Map by State (illustrated below). The massive and continuous outbound flood of former Californians is undeniable and rooted to the incessant failure of California's "empty" Marxist Governor.

Jaw-dropping net/out migration from California is a product of Newsom's failed economic and social polies that have generated years of record setting poverty, homelessness, volent crime, strained race relations, failed justice, bio-medical-tyranny, loss of human rights & civil liberties, political corruption, fraudulent state elections, perverted social decay, and a general sense of hopelessness for most Californians.

The last point on hopelessness correlates with the scale, pace, and consistent flood of Californians seeking a properly governed State - in most cases, this has involved a move to a "Red State". The data bears this out in striking images.


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