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Canada, a nation in crisis

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Feb 22, 2021: I raised my daughters to be Patriots. I am a proud Canadian. I love the freedom and the peace that this country has to offer its citizens and I taught my children to love Canada as much as I do. Unfortunately, the Canadian landscape is morphing into something sinister and there isn’t a knight on a white horse coming to save us.

Unlike the American political system (where a sitting President is limited to two terms), in Canada there is no limit to the length that a Prime Minister can hold office. It appears Canadians may be stuck with Trudeau for many more years to come, especially given Trudeau’s political and personal ties to George Soros and the specious Dominion voting machine agents. The image used for this article shows Justin Trudeau on the eve of the last Canadian federal election. To the discerning eye, George Soros’ son (Alexander Soros) is captured in the background enjoying his “involvement” in the Canadian federal election, no doubt throwing his full “support” and “influence” behind the Trudeau campaign. And, yes, Canada did use the compromised and disreputable Dominion voting machines in its most recent election in spite of the Canadian Government vehemently denying these allegations. A government plagued with more scandals, bribery and corruption than, than, I give up …Trudeau?

We can all agree that Trudeau has proudly presented himself to the world as a globalist. In his most recent trick as a globalist “lapdog”, Trudeau obediently and compliantly praised the “The Great Reset”. Unfortunately for Trudeau, this shameless act of treason against the interests of Canadians was caught on film, went viral, and ultimately found its way to prime time tv (most notably reaching the desk of Tucker Carlson).

Trudeau is waging a war against his own homeland, against his own people and crippling the sovereign nation of Canada. The saying rings true, “A nation divided against itself cannot stand.”

Just this past week, Trudeau increased military presence at the borders to ensure Canadians re-entering their own country don’t attempt to bypass forced quarantine (quarantine in public holding facilities with ties to the CCP and its state operated corporations). Pastor James Coates, an Albertan minister from Grace Life Church in Edmonton remains jailed for opening his church. Bill C-21 was enacted and is to be strictly enforced in order to completely disarm Canadians (approximately 1,500 types of firearms cited as potentially illegal). This firearm regulation includes language stating that law abiding citizens can own a firearm, you just can’t touch them! Essentially law abiding, licensed Canadian gun owners can go to bed one night as an honorable citizen but wakeup the next morning as a designated felon.

Meanwhile, covid-19 relief payments have been extended by another 24 weeks with plans to transition the deposits into a Universal Basic Income program by late summer 2021. It appears Canada has become a model nation for The New World Order as our nation plunges into bankruptcy while laying claim to the highest unemployment rate of all G-7 nations. Notwithstanding, it should be no surprise to find that Canadians rank as the "saddest and most anxious citizens" in the world according to the most recent release of G-7 "seasonal affective disorder (SAD)" data. The dubious label should not be surprising given that Canadians have been forcefully and systematically stripped of their right to free speech, right to worship and their right to travel freely by a small but ruthless prime minister.

History has proven throughout the ages that, when a Government strips its people of their God-given rights, it most certainly never gives them back unless there is a “Great Awakening”. Canada’s Great Awakening must happen immediately, and it will require Canadians to reclaim their sovereignty and act as free men and women not because we were given freedom but rather because we were born with it. By: Extremely American Contributor & Canadian Correspondent Cynthia Crockett


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