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Canada’s Province of Alberta: Now Operating as a Police State Under Jason Kenney

Feb 26, 2021: The province of Alberta is often referred to as Canada’s Texas. A province famous for its oil fields, ranches and rodeos is now operating as a Police State under newly elected Premier Jason Kenney. The dismal change in Alberta is paralleling what Ontarians are enduring under Premier Doug Ford who has disguised himself as nothing more than “Trudeau’s Spineless Attack Poodle”.

In a most specious way, Kenney proudly but disingenuously campaigned as a staunch conservative flying the slogan “Open for Business”. Sadly, the only doors open for business in Alberta are the local jail cells for the ‘Faithful’.

Jason Kenney may as well be treating the Canadian Constitution as an old dish rag as he wipes away every God-given freedom from the hard-working Canadian middle class who energetically and loyally supported his campaign. Pastor James Coates was recently imprisoned for 10 days remains under the watchful eye of Kenney and his bureaucratic goons. The crime? Pastor Coates was arrested after police and public health officials observed a violation of the Public Health Act, specifically for holding a church service exceeding a 15% capacity restriction. Now Pastor Coates finds himself inserted into a penitentiary built to detain the hardened criminals. This innocent Pastor’s crime did not involve murder, rape, or drugs. He is simply guilty of opening his church and providing much needed religious services to his faithful parishioners. Meanwhile, Kenney remains smugly and coldly silent as he allows unelected public health officials the autonomy to trespass onto private property and illegally detain law-abiding citizens. Kenney quite obviously has embraced his new role as ‘junior dictator’ acting on the behalf of globalist overlords! After ensuring Pastor James Coates had his religious rights violated, Kenney’s next target was a group of Christians who attended a peaceful outdoor assembly in the city of Edmonton this past weekend.

As is now a customary tradition with public health covid fascists, unidentified officers were unleashed on a small unsuspecting gathering of peaceful worshipers. These nameless “state police officers” aggressively assaulted and handcuffed the pastor in front of his congregation and violently threw his tiny defenseless wife to the cement while she pleaded with the officers to release her husband. The pastor, along with his brother, were incarcerated, mocked and refused legal counsel. This tyranny reeks of communism while a matching stench of “financial payoffs” wafts in the otherwise fresh Albertan air.

Not only has Kenney’s rule disproportionately punished middle class and spiritual-minded Albertans, but he has also enthusiastically targeted the homeless of his province with a luciferin-like agenda. Kenney displays virtually no shame when he targets pastors known for their charitable efforts and contributions in this case, we are dealing with a Pastor who was charged a substantial fine for providing food and blankets to the homeless who endure Alberta’s -40 degree frigid temperatures.

Ironically, Alberta by definition means “Strong and Free”.

Ontario and Alberta are traditionally two of Canada’s most Conservative Provinces have been hi-jacked by two cowards and sell-outs who offer their citizens nothing more than relentless penalties with rules backed by fictitious data from globalist power brokers and big pharma sponsors. It appears as though Ford and Kenney are nothing more than “Trudeau sycophants” blatantly betrothing themselves to the ‘Great Reset Agenda’ and operating as nothing more than “empty suits and vessels” of a larger clandestine cause – a cause with very little to do with the needs and interests of Canadians. Perhaps these “cowardly sell-outs“ should embark on a trip to South Dakota and observe Governor Kristi Noem, a true patriot and defender of freedom. A leader who from day one of the Wuhan virus pandemic refused to shut her state down and who vehemently stated she will not tell South Dakotans how to run their lives.

Also, let us not forget Florida’s Governor DeSantis who stated, “Florida will not lock down but rather lift people up” boasting a rate in excess of 1000 people moving to the great state (daily!) to escape the failing policies of the Democrats and their miserable living environments.

Canadians must wake up from their submissive and blindly obedient trance, find their voice, and declare and reclaim our God-given rights. Most importantly, Canadians must remember that “Evil is Powerless When The Good Are Unafraid“. By: Extremely American Contributor & Canadian Correspondent Cynthia Crockett

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