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Canadian Health Officials abuse their authority: “Covid Fascism” sweeps through Newfoundland

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Mar 11, 2021: In an era where power hungry politicians and public health officials look for any excuse to tighten their tyrannical grip on the citizenry of their respective countries, we continue to see “Covid fascists” attack all regions in all countries regardless of their size and regardless of their urban/rural orientation. After a year of flip-flopping by the Covid health “experts”, a steady flow of evidence proving the ineffectiveness of disposable masks, negative medical consequences relating to persistent lockdowns, and Covid data manipulation by “official” health bureaucrats, tyrannical leaders at all levels are abusing their position of authority by manipulating the rule of law in order to drive political agendas. (Huffington Post – Lydia O’Connor; March 5, 2021) In this article, we highlight the recent experience of the beautiful rural province of Newfoundland (and Labrador), a Canadian province of incredible natural beauty, low population density, and arguably the friendliest people on the planet.

This story starts with the experience of a Grade 12 Newfoundland student named Alika White, story covered and published by Sarah Smellie of The Canadian Press. (The Canadian Press - Sarah Smellie; March 7, 2021) According to the Alika, she was excited and set to start her Grade 12 classes all while holding three part-time jobs. Alika and her circle of friends were ready to get back to an active scholastic, work, and social calendar. Unfortunately, the intrusive St. John’s Newfoundland health officials determined that they had different plans for Alika and other high school students in the province – the health officials contacted Alika and notified her that she would not be returning to classes and instructed to go into self-quarantine.

With disappointment, Alika said, “It just kind of gets snatched away from you in a blink of an eye. I was like, oh my god I’m going to have COVID, I’m going to test positive, what am I going to do? My whole family is going to get it.” This decision by the Newfoundland health “geniuses” was based on one (1) new case reported in Newfoundland and Labrador. This health official decision is even more outrageous when it is understood that the daily run rate on Newfoundland Covid cases has ranged from zero to five (0-5) since the outbreak of Covid in the spring of 2020. (The Canadian Press - Sarah Smellie; March 7, 2021) Alika was not alone with her experience as all young people in St. John’s metro region were getting the same calls from public health officials demanding that they isolate for 14 days.

Following the demands for isolation, health officials two positive cases at Mount Pearl Senior High School. The following day, the board cancelled all sports and extracurricular activities in the metro area. This pattern of draconian over-reach by health officials is not unique to Canada, it is happening all over the world. What makes this example of public health thuggery especially annoying is that it is happening to Newfoundland communities where population density is low, case rates are miniscule, natural settings abound, and its residents are known for respecting a responsible and healthy way of life. If there was ever an example of a “Covid-safe” environment, most would say Newfoundland and Labrador offer the most ideal living environment. And yet we see health officials treating the residents of Newfoundland as though they were living in a densely populated urban cage. True to form, the health officials appear to be incapable of customizing their public health positions to reflect the regions/areas they are exerting their authority over.

Assuming the Covid test results are accurate (given the conspicuous nature of Covid testing and the typical inconsistency of test results, accuracy of case counts is not exactly a safe assumption), Newfoundland health officials observed an increase of new cases three days after the high school lockdown was initiated, particularly in the eastern regions of the province (of the 100 provincial cases identified, three-quarters were allegedly associated with people under the age of 20). The same officials announced that the latest “outbreak” was linked to the B.1.1.7 variant, causing a province-wide lockdown just in time for the Newfoundland provincial election (this “story” and its timing sounds very familiar to people in other countries, especially the US). The timing and consequences of these “Covid outbreaks” certainly follow uncanny “patterns of coincidence”.

When asked, Alika White mentioned that, while she tested negative, she knew of two students at her school tested positive. Alika also noted, “One of them had a little bit of a cold and the other one barely had any symptoms at all”. (The Canadian Press - Sarah Smellie; March 7, 2021) Of course, public health authorities were quick to claim that the consistently “mild and asymptomatic symptoms” were the cause of the March uptick in positive Covid cases in Newfoundland. This falls in line with Dr. Patrick Parfrey (a clinical epidemiologist at Memorial University in St. John’s) who said, schools are low areas of risk “because transmission [and asymptomatic patterns] are relatively low in young people”.

Towards the end of the interview, Alika stated, “Everything happening so quickly is taking a toll on my mental health, It’s really hard for people our age. It’s our last year of high school and we (may not get) to experience the last time that we’ll set foot in that school.” (The Canadian Press - Sarah Smellie; March 7, 2021) She also mentioned that, in her opinion, teenagers have been targeted by social media and public health authorities looking for someone to blame. These closing comments are most disconcerting as they touch on the massively negative (but indirect) health consequences of Canadian and international public health policies run amok. When the “cure” for a medical situation causes more damage than the illness itself, you know public health officials and politicians have failed miserably. The recent developments in beautiful Newfoundland bear this out through the sincere words and feelings of twelfth-grader Alika White. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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