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Canadian Tourism Industry down by 50%: Government & Health Care Officials are to blame

April 2, 2021: Statistics Canada released its year-end data on the Canadian tourism sector - the figures are those of a economic and social nightmare. Any country and its citizens deem the ability to travel as an essential expression of freedom, healthy living, and an escape from the day-to-day grind. The Canadian government and its ruthless public health "experts" clearly do not value the importance of travel for a society’s health and general well-being. Instead, Trudeau and his collection of morons in public office and health services, have a nation “hiding” from germs behind cheap disposable cloth masks and perpetual lockdowns. With each new “variant” of Covid, it appears that Canadian government officials will be using these “variants” to place a permanent headlock on Canadians while finalizing their “new normal” plans that appear be covert code for a mix of “Canadian Communism” and “Corporate Communism”.

Canadians seem to be slow in realizing the peril staring them in the face with credit for this chronic apathy squarely set on the following culprits: (1) Canadian elected officials from all parties beholden to globalist interests, (2) Canadian public health officials who operate as political agents, (3) mainstream media who continue to focus solely on deceit, fear, and panic, (4) Canadian citizens who are ideologically “fine” with the notion of progressive socialism wrapped in a thick layer of “woke”, and (5) selfish so-called “professionals” who are more concerned about preserving their pampered and selfish WFH arrangements rather than caring about the devastation occurring outside of their comfortable corporate cocoons. There is plenty of shame to shared by the five groups identified above, but we will return to the Statistics Canada tourism data for a moment.

According to Statistics Canada the following 2020 year-end data was most noteworthy:

- the Canadian tourism sector shrank by nearly half in 2020 as the disastrous year was capped off with an additional 3.3% decrease in the fourth quarter

- the tourism industry lagged the overall economy (an economy which shrank by 5.4% in 2020)

- tourism jobs fell 28.7% in 2020, with the largest decline occurring in the second quarter

- within the tourism sector, food & beverage services and accommodation sectors saw the largest declines in jobs, decreasing by 32.3% and 35.2% respectively

- In the fourth quarter of 2020, domestic tourism spending by Canadians declined 3.4%, driven down by significant declines in spending on fuel and food and beverage services

(Statistics Canada data sourced from The Canadian Press – Ottawa; March 31, 2021)

Gleaning through all this data one cannot ignore the massive effects that government and public health policy is having on Canadian economic growth (GDP), Canadian employment (rates of unemployment), Canadian poverty dashboard (poverty line ratios), and standard Canadian health indicators (pro-active health management, comorbidities, alcoholism, depression, childhood mental disorders, divorce rates, elderly cognitive decline). Every metric of social health and well-being in Canada is flashing bright red right now. What makes matters worse is that the Canadian political and health care experts are showing every sign that the restrictions imposed on society in 2020 will increase in frequency and intensity in 2021 and will become a permanent way of doing things.

It has never been clearer that politicians and globalists are using Covid and associated fear tactics to take permanent control over the freedom and rights of Canadians. Unfortunately, many Canadians have lapsed into a trance of obedience and gullibility as the most dishonest and untrusted members of society (politicians, public health care experts, and mainstream media) lead Canada down a one-way snake hole. It is not too late to save Canada and its former glorious freedom, however, far more courageous and immediate action will be required to fend off what is clearly a joint attack coming from nefarious globalists abroad and vile traitors from within. In the end, Canadians would be well advised not to allow an engineered “flu bug” to take away every aspect of their freedom and liberty earned over the past 200 years. Weak and corrupt politicians of today are dangerously close to throwing away every sacrifice and accomplishment ever made by prior generations to create one of the most prosperous and free nations in the world – today, Canada is teetering on the edge of irreversible damage and Canadians must wake up to this situation. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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