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Canadian tyrant & WEF pawn Justin Trudeau enacts the Emergencies Act where no Emergency Exists

February 15, 2022: Justin Trudeau as enacted the Emergencies Act in a desperate attempt to (1) cover-up his abysmal record as Canada's Prime Minister and (2) to maliciously attack any opposition daring to call out Trudeau for his failed policies and attack on civil rights.

Trudeau, in enacting the Emergencies Act (formerly known as the “War Measures Act”), has just issued a declaration of martial law that applies to ALL Canadians and targets ANY Canadians who dare to challenge or protest against the current government’s authoritarian measures.

Keep in mind that none of the conditions for enactment of the Emergencies Act have been satisfied.

This is a brazen act of treason and intimidation against Canadians and must be dealt with accordingly. The only “emergency” in Canada involves the tyranny coming from an unhinged and corrupt Prime Minister dictating from his throne in Ottawa.

"WEF Pawn Justin Trudeau is a Threat to all Canadians and a Laughing Stock on the International Stage" (related videos below):


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