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Canadian “Uniparty” Pain: The nation’s political parties have become indistinguishable

Mar 25, 2021: There is no distinction between the political parties occupying Ottawa and the city halls of all provinces across our nation. The Canada I remember has always been a country of free speech and peace. Sadly, this recollection is now a distant and distorted memory and one where my homeland seems void of conscience. Today, Canadians are left with mere crumbs of a former glory. Who or what is the force behind this syndicated “amalgamation” of political strategy in Canada? Whatever this clandestine force is, it is undeniably powerful and confounding as it leaves virtually all Canadians incapable of distinguishing between the platforms of each political party – the force creates one big blurry haze of a political landscape. Unabated and unaffected by the pandemic, Canada’s political leaders continue to run to the bank with their six-figure salaries while dismissively classifying the working class as marginalized “non-essential” employees. These political rogues enjoy all the comforts that come with lavish wages and generous pensions. And yet these same political ingrates effortlessly squash the livelihood and hopes of hard-working middle-class Canadians who made their political dreams possible. Welcome to the new era of single-party Canadian politics.

Canada has experienced rolling lockdowns since March of 2020 and, yet not a single party leader has challenged Ontario’s Associate Chief Medical Officer (Dr. Barbara Yaffe) who was recently caught on a hot-mic stating (and giggling), “I have no idea what I am reading when I make these briefings. I just read what they give me.” (Toronto News – Chris Fox; December 16, 2021) The arrogance and insolence of this so-called doctor and health expert is appalling. She is truly a disgusting and corrupt individual. As she parades around “acting” like an educated health expert, she seems oblivious to the fact that most Canadians see her as nothing more than a simple pawn paid to further the Canadian Government’s nefarious agenda. Meanwhile, Canadians of all walks are losing their businesses, their homes, and everyday freedoms because of “sketchy” health science (that seems to change by the week) and frequently manipulated and doctored data (no pun intended). Dr. Yaffe’s cringeworthy hot-mic moment can be seen using this link:

From national to provincial levels of government, Canada’s Conservative Party is in desperate need of a complete overhaul. The first feckless characters out the door should be Erin O’Toole (Federal Conservative Opposition Leader), Doug Ford (Ontario Premier), and Jason Kenney (Alberta Premier). In a pattern that resembles many of the disappointments experienced by our American neighbors regarding RINO’s and Republican sell-outs, Canadians have also been punished by Conservative leaders who drastically strayed away from their campaign platforms and promises to their base. O’Toole, Ford, and Kenney will all pay a severe price for their betrayal of Canadian Conservatives across the country.

A handful of elected officials who have been fighting tirelessly for the freedom of Canadians deserve acknowledgement in this article. Their fight for Canadians is highly commended especially given the dirty tactics being used by nefarious “forces” using ulterior methods to silence and threaten them.

Ontario MPP Randy Hillier (Frontenac-Kingston) was one of the first elected officials to speak out against the Covid lockdowns in Canada. Hillier’s use of social media and his attendance at anti-lockdown protests has elevated him to the status of a true Canadian patriot – one who has remained loyal to the interests of his base by fighting against the waves of Covid fascism that have repeatedly swept through Canada over the past 12 months. He has fought with “blood, sweat and tears” for his constituents and on behalf of all Canadians across the country. Ontario Premier Doug Ford managed to silence Hillier by using his bully pulpit and banning Hillier from the PC Caucus. This dirty political maneuver by Ford effectively blocked Hillier from being privy to issues directly affecting his party thereby making it extremely difficult to manage the interests and needs of the constituents within his riding. Hillier continues his fight against the usual foes within this tyrannical Canadian political landscape – a landscape made even worse by the personal attacks being waged by “woke” progressive punks who persistently target the Hillier and his family.

The next honorable mention must go to Derek Sloan (Canadian MP-Hastings). Derek Sloan is a grass roots conservative with a vibrant and committed following. His commitment to faith and family guides him through these challenging times for conservatives and traditionalists. Unfortunately, having a “faith that guides you” goes against the new “woke” version of the Conservative Party in Canada. Sloan, like Hillier, was quickly booted out of his party’s Caucus due to an alleged “pattern of destructive behavior”. In this case, “destructive behavior” is the term used to describe critical reasoning and intellectual curiosity regarding all the irregularities and injustices facing common Canadians. In former times, the bold conservative leadership exhibited by Sloan would have been considered admirable, honorable, and patriotic. For good reason, Sloan’s base is strong and continues to grow despite Erin O’Toole’s attempt to silence him (at the national level) for being a strong advocate for Canadians as they roll into what appears to be a second year of unnecessary Covid lockdowns and excessive restrictions.

Roman Baber is another Canadian freedom fighter and patriot deserving mention. Baber is an MPP for the York riding and currently serves as Chair of the Parliament’s Standing Committee on Justice Policy. Baber has been on side with Randy Hillier and Derek Sloan, refusing to remain silent during the repeated abuses of power by all levels of government during the pandemic. Indeed, Baber has even taken legal action against the Ontario government in defense of his constituents over the illegal lockdowns and breaches in the Canadian Charter of Rights. In a March 18, 2021 tweet, Baber stated emphatically “I sued the Attorney General of Ontario for our right to protest, pray, and gather outdoors. The risk of transmission is exceedingly low, but the Government’s outdoor restrictions deny Ontarians their Fundamental Freedoms”.

Doug Ford responded by immediately excommunicating Baber from the Ontario Conservative Caucus for exposing the irregularities, double standards, and lies associated with Ontario’s unethical and unlawful Covid health policy. Ford’s illegal use of the “Emergency Measures Act” is nothing more than a pathetic excuse to prolong the suffering and damage caused by reckless and ineffective governance where Ford has treated Ontarians as though they are domestic prisoners.

On an encouraging note, many more politicians are beginning to emerge from the ranks. Canada currently has launched more legal proceedings than any other country in the western world and they are just now beginning to be heard in the Canadian Court system. Canadians remain hopeful and committed to fighting against the tyranny of the day. We pray for our American neighbors to the south and hope they keep Canadians in their prayers as well. Canada, the US, and all nations of the free world are waging a battle against a sinister global force and it certainly appears that we are all battling the same enemy. By: Extremely American Contributor & Canadian Correspondent Cynthia Crockett


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