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Canadian Veteran Jeremy MacKenzie spells it out for a population of apathetic Canadians (video)

June 27, 2021: Jeremy Mackenzie speaks from the heart. There is a palpable decline of a once great country happening in Canada and MacKenzie offers his observations of the troubling "fact pattern". To anyone who is remotely aware and intellectually honest, there is no denying that Canada has been over-run by globalist tyrants disguised as caring politicians and benevolent public health "authorities". Of course, mainstream media is doing its part to throw interference and political narratives in order to disguise the fierce attack on freedom and liberty in Canada. This short video offers a simple but very effective lens into the passive and apathetic capitulation of the average Canadian, most notably their men. As a US-Canadian dual citizen, it is heartbreaking to see a once great country like Canada being taken down by a socialist-communist-globalist hybrid of tyrants with little-to-no interest in the well-being of Canadians. It is doubly infuriating to know that a feckless little fraud like Trudeau is at the center of this treasonous take-down of a once great free nation.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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