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Canadian Veteran: "Trudeau increased hate and he increased division because he is scared"

Trudeau and his State-run, State-funded Media Network are not to be trusted

February 2, 2022. The situation in Canada is far worse than Justin Trudeau lying about the nature and spirit of the Freedom Convoy taking place in Ottawa (and now extending across the nation and internationally).

Trudeau is now maligning and attacking a majority of Canadians who have been rallying patriotically, peacefully, and lawfully in opposition to Trudeaus heavy-handed mandates and temperamental political overreach. In a desperate and cowardly attempt to overcompensate for his own long list of transgressions and deep-seeded character flaws, Trudeau is accusing everyone else of what he actually is. It is a clinical example of projection and its obvious to every Canadian carrying an objective and informed lens.

Of course, the state-run Canadian media is all-in on this attack against decent and law-abiding Canadians. Canadian corporate media has been repeatedly bailed out with Liberal government funding (ie. bailed out by the Canadian taxpayer) and funded billions of dollars in order to pay for the execution of a Liberal political propaganda campaign. Canadian corporate media is, thus, Canadian government media. Networks such as CBC, CTV, Global, Ici Radio-Canada Tele, and Citytv are beholden to the current Liberal government that repeatedly pours hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into their respective operating budgets. These networks are incapable and disinterested in covering the news with honesty and objectivity.

Canadians should absolutely disregard any news events covered by these state-run sycophants to the Liberal Party. Canadians should demand an immediate halt to government funding of these disgraceful political propaganda networks. Anyone working for these companies should also take a good long hard look in the mirror and reflect on their personal role in aiding their media company's attempt to deceive and manipulate a nation.

As Canadians continue to rally around their right to freedom (not politics, not racism, not hatred), keep in mind that Trudeau and his government-funded media arm are 100% completely incapable of, and disinterested in, telling the truth. The credibility of Trudeau and his state-run media network is officially zero.

By: Extremely American - Extremely Canadian Colin Wright


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