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'Climate Change': The next fake 'global crisis' to be exploited by the world's ruling elite

June 10, 2021: In yet another fantastic editorial by Alan Jones of Sky News Australia, the massive global hoax called 'Climate Change' (and its impact on our children) is covered in brilliant form. It is clear that once the global ruling elite manipulate and exploit Covid tyranny to the point of exhaustion, the transnational elites will turn their devious focus back to the artificial pseudo-science of Climate Change. Alan Jones addresses the Climate Change con job and comments on its exploitation of 'useful idiots' (ie. Greta von Thunberg). Nauseating footage of von Thunberg is provided as a reminder of the insultingly bogus theater and abuse of children employed by unethical and diabolical world leaders to push an agenda that has nothing to do with concern for the climate or society but rather a wicked obsession with monopolizing wealth and power. EA is appreciative of the continued outstanding coverage of world events by Sky News Australia and Alan Jones - Alan Jones is a journalist an editorialist well worth following.

EA is alerting our community to the imminent rise of bogus Climate Change crises and pseudo-events 'manufactured' by the world's ruling elite in their effort to manipulate and strangle the freedom of people around the world. The template of tyranny used during the Covid pandemic will be applied in the name of a bogus Climate Change 'event'. Be on high alert for this Climate Change rubbish to be spun and exploited in the coming months - we are about to transition from Covid Tyranny to Climate Change Tyranny.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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