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Conman & Pathological Liar Phil Murphy will go to any unethical lengths to win an election (video)

News Alert: Wendy Martinez (Phil Murphy Campaign Senior Advisor) Reveals New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy to Impose State-Wide COVID Vax Mandate AFTER Re-Election. For now, he is knowingly misleading the residents of New Jersey in order to trick "independents" and "undecided" voters into the mistake of voting for this pathological liar.

All New Jersey voters must understand that Phil Murphy is going out of his way to lie and manipulate his way to an election victory using a classic "bait & switch" strategy.

Fortunately, the Project Veritas team caught the Phil Murphy campaign team gloating about their underhanded plan to exploit and manipulate the "undecided" and "independent" voters of New Jersey. James O'Keefe (Project Veritas Founder) indicated that more incriminating video footage of the campaign team will be forthcoming in he coming days.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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