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Covid Explained in a Perfect 12-minute Video – Good news found here!

April 10, 2021: In what will viewed as good news for some and a reassurance to others, The Canadian Health Alliance has come forward with a series of objective and informative videos covering the topic of Covid. The short 12-minute video (link provided below) from will be viewed as big breath of fresh air not just for Canadians but all people around the world. Note that the brief 12-minute video from The Canadian Health Alliance is supported by eight full pages of national and global expert references (used by the medical experts interviewed) to inform and support the statements made and asserted.

The Canadian Health Alliance is a non-profit collaboration of leading medical doctors, nurses, and other essential healthcare practitioners across Canada and the globe. Their aim is to protect freedom of choice and bodily autonomy through informed consent and sound personal health decisions. The Canadian Health Alliance applies the most up-to-date information and statistics available and is committed to remain independent of financial/corporate, media, and political pressures in their health-related guidance and insights. The goal of The Canadian Health Alliance is to halt the misuse of power by politicized public health experts who have been using damaging and excessive Covid-19 public health policies that are destroying Canadian society and the overall health and well-being of Canadians. ( – home page; April 10, 2021)

EA is pleased to provide our community with a convenient summary of highlights that will prove valuable now and for future reference. As you make your way through the short video and the summary notes provided you will notice something especially important. The societal fear, panic, and damage being caused by political leaders (Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau, Doug Ford, Francois Legault, Jason Kenney), media (CNN, MSNBC, Fox, NYT, AP, Washington Post), politicized public health authorities (Anthony Fauci, Tedros Adhanom), global agencies (WHO, WEF), and key corporate personalities (Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Klaus Schwab) is far greater than it should be. Thus, the question “why are these influential power brokers stoking more fear than is required?”. The answer to this question should be demanded by all people around the world.

The key sections and highlights from the Canadian Health Alliance video are offered here for your reference. The video will provide statistical figures, charts, and tables to support the summary highlights provided below.

Introduction & Statistical OverviewReasons not to fear Covid

- Death rate vs Case Count Ratio carry virtually no correlation and the number of deaths-to-cases is miniscule

- ‘Cases’ are not necessarily symptomatic

- ‘Case counts’ present a false and exaggerated picture

- Yearly death rate around the world, country-by-country, is virtually unchanged or lower than prior years

- ICU occupancy rates are completely manageable in Canada and many other advanced countries

- Survival rates for Covid are no worse than common flu rates, especially for those below the age of seventy

Asymptomatic Transfer

- An accumulation of data from over 10 million cases is now available and the extensive data is providing statistically reliable data and encouraging findings regarding rate of spread and diminishing virality of Covid

- Healthy people with asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic conditions have a ‘spread/transfer rate’ of virtually zero

T Cell Immunity

- Many people are already immune

- Leading national and international Immunologists and virologists claim 30%-50% of the world’s population has already attained natural immunity based on the rate of human exposure since the outset of the pandemic

- We are more protected than we thought due to the abilities of our T Cells and natural immune system – an immense Covid data pool is bearing out this point

Kids & Covid-19

- Epidemiolocal data is showing children are not super-spreaders

- Data shows that children tend to be asymptomatic

- In Canada, since the start of the pandemic, 4 children (under the age of 18) have died from ‘Covid related effects’ out of a total 8 million in that age group

- Today’s statistical evidence has proven that the closing of schools was completely unnecessary


- Diet and outdoor exercise are important to an optimal immune system

- Supplements like Vitamin D and Zinc are important booster to the immune system

- Sufficient sleep is proven to be important to maintaining the immune system


- Safe and established prophylactics are excellent preventative measures for those more vulnerable members of society (seniors and those with multiple premorbidities)

- In-home personal technologies like digital thermometers and finger pulse oximeters are excellent ways to stay ahead of your health and flag early warnings of potential health related issues


- The word variant induces fear and reckless use of the term from politicians, public health bureaucrats and mainstream media have induced unwarranted panic in society

- Thousands of variants of cold and flu bugs are always all around us – this has always been the case and always will be (masks and lockdowns or not)

- Virality of variants diminishes through time as the human population’s collective immune response gets stronger (this is a natural path in the collective human immune response)


- When we look at the science and data objectively, there is encouraging news all around us

- Be cautious about the hyperbole coming from politically charged and financially motivated ‘players’ like politicians, public health bureaucrats, and ‘click-seeking’ media and social media

- When it comes to Covid, stay informed using reliable primary sources of information (and exercise great caution when viewing the politicians and mainstream media)

Please watch and share this 12-minute Covid Explained' video with everyone you care about:

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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