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Covid Health Dictatorship: Resistance movements mobilize around the world

Feb 10, 2021: As we enter the second year of covid health tyranny, a few alarming observations are emerging as indisputable facts. First, national and global health care experts have proven themselves to be incompetent and dishonest in their management of this pandemic (most notably, the WHO has been a disaster and nefariously intertwined with the CCP). Secondly, national and global politicians and bureaucrats have been exploiting the covid crisis to push a clandestine agenda aimed at re-setting and revolutionizing global social and economic order (in ways that clearly serve the selfish interests of the ruling elite and nobody else). Thirdly, nefarious agents in media, journalism, social media and academia have been perpetuating inconsistent, conflicting, hyperbolic and false information regarding covid and its consequences. Finally, it has become obvious that the global health dictators (ie. Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanam, and Anthony Fauci), plan to make “the new normal” a permanent state of egregious tyranny and dictatorship justified by a feigned concern over the world’s “well-being”.

The dirty tactics and adverse consequences of the “health dictatorship” are not resting well with a growing portion of the population around the world. The impact of stripping human and civil rights to the bone has not only come with far reaching health consequences, it has also stirred up a slow-burning but fierce anger for those who are increasingly coming to realize we are all in the middle of the greatest power grab and hoax the world has ever seen (by a ruling elite hiding behind the cloak of public health care disaster). Martin Armstrong from Armstrong Economics captured the heightened intensity of this moment in time by stating, “Despite Wikipedia, Twitter, Google, Facebook, YouTube, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, and the rest of the Marxist philosophy press, despite them all promoting the virus to impose an authoritarian socialist regime over the entire world conspiring against democracy and human rights, which include freedom of speech, people are starting to fight back.” (Armstrong Economics – Resistance is NOT Futile – February 10) As “higher-information” members of society continue to gain an understanding of the abusive and tyrannical cabal behind the covid health policy scam and its larger agenda, citizens of the world are sure to match the tyranny of the health dictatorship cabal with a form of resistance that is equal in force – and this is exactly what is happening.

In Europe, resistance is galvanizing and spreading via movements such as Civitas, a rapidly emerging and well-organized movement aimed at countering the global covid health dictatorship. Civitas has its ideological foundation based on the ancient Roman concept of “a society where ideas meet” and is expanding at an exponential rate in Europe. Dozens of Civitas chapters have opened in France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland and the movement is well on its way to advancing into other European countries. Civitas has even emerged in the Canadian province of Quebec and is poised to advance across that country. It is worth exploring the Civitas website to gain an understanding of their movement and determine if there is a chapter near your location:

As always, individuals and groups who dare to challenge progressive policies and globalist doctrine (on any topics ranging from covid to climate change), run a constant risk of ridicule, harassment and threats from a progressive left who believe their views and opinions are not to be questioned. Indeed, applying critical reasoning to the “religions” and “false science” of the progressive left is likely met with “conspiracy theorist” labels, “moral cheap shots” and some form of “cancellation”. Regardless of these shameless efforts to silence those exercising their right to challenge the peculiarities of toady’s “woke conventional wisdom”, there is a very real and emerging form of resistance rising against this menacing global tyranny (as mentioned above). One thing is clear with the resistance movement forming: the resistance has a very clear view of the obvious villains behind the covid con game and its crooked cabal (a cabal consisting of visible and high-profile senior politicians, bureaucrats, public health officials, media moguls and corporate oligarchs).

As the US Pentagon prepares to deploy active troops to coordinate and administer mass vaccination sites across the United States, one can only presume that a US form of organized resistance will emerge if millions of Americans make a stand against the idea of a mandatory “experimental vaccine”. According to the Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been approved to “augment and expedite the country’s vaccination rollout”. All eyes should be on California in the coming weeks as “the first contingent of more than 1,000 troops will arrive in California over the next 10 days and begin operations around February 15 with more missions to follow”. ( – Mac Slavo – February 9) All of this falls in line with Biden’s pledge to aggressively distribute 100 million vaccine doses in his first 100 days in office. As part of this plan, Biden claimed FEMA will set up 100 mass vaccination sites (supported by more than 10,000 troops) with a target to dispense 450,000 daily vaccinations nationwide over Biden’s first illegitimate month in office. (NPR – February 9)

So, as we review events over the past 12 months, it is a worthwhile exercise to assess the trail of irregularities and inconsistencies throughout. It is also worthwhile to call into the question the dubious unelected personalities who have inserted themselves into the middle of this crisis (their preoccupation and obsession in playing a pivotal role is conspicuous, at best). Who, exactly benefits most from this protracted public health crisis? Who is hurt most by this protracted public health crisis? Is there an agenda larger than covid public health policy itself? It is also important to understand who is pushing for mass vaccinations and who is behind the imposition of indefinitely applied draconian restrictions. Lastly, as you ponder these and other important dimensions of the covid pandemic, it would be prudent to become more familiar with resistance movements seeking to create a harbor of safety and alternative options for those who are not comfortable with the covid crisis and the questionable “actors” behind it. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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