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Cuomo + Fauci + Gates = The Perfect Combination for a Covid Health Policy Disaster

Feb 18, 2021: Rarely are we ever subjected to such an obnoxious triumvirate of absolute arrogance and palpable stupidity. However, in the case of Andrew Cuomo, Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates, we are being exposed to a trio of slapstick scoundrels that would easily draw envy from cast of The Three Stooges. If the public health care follies of these three morons wasn’t so important (and catastrophic), people would be rolling on the floor in laughter. Unfortunately, there is nothing funny about the unlimited incompetence and limitless authority granted to these three self-absorbed buffoons.

For those fortunate enough to be aware of the steady stream of lies and cover-up interference coming from mainstream media, Governor Cuomo’s key role in exacerbating and perpetuating the covid crisis in New York State was obvious and predictable. In spite of Cuomo’s disastrous handling of New York’s covid crisis, his “management” was made even worse due his undisciplined use of the mortally flawed statistical and forecasting “pseudo-science” created by Bill Gates and his pack of “vaccine hyaenas”. With the aid of the always incompetent Bill Gates, Cuomo managed to produce a “worst-in-class” trail of criminally negligent covid health care policy responses. The consequences, of which, are now all too well known. Tens of thousands of lives were unnecessarily lost as a result of an unfathomable display of arrogant, ignorant and reckless public health care decision-making by an inherently flawed and unjustifiably celebrated governor. (The Truth About Covi-19 / Dr. Joseph Mercola / 2021)

As Governor Cuomo is the most egregious example of a governor’s abuse and neglect of residents, it should not be surprising to see demands for inquiries into his atrocious handling of the covid crisis. The only surprise is that it took the unnecessary loss of tens of thousands of lives (from nursing homes and assisted-care residences) and one full year for the residents of New York to demand a formal investigation into Cuomo. Perhaps if Cuomo spent less time focusing on the writing of his memoires and time wasted on his “Emmy award winning” daily made-for-TV performances, he and his team could have fixed their focus on executing a covid policy that saved lives and was based on rigorous scientific analysis. Instead, this pompous ignorant governor sought the limelight and furthering his own personal interests in entertainment (much like his brother, Fredo Cuomo, on CNN).

In the coming months, looming investigations will move in several important directions such as Cuomo’s curious and suspicious decision to abstain from using the Javitz Naval Center that was offered for dedicated use in New York City by President Trump. But we will start this journey of seismic incompetence by reviewing Cuomo’s sloppy and undisciplined use of faulty projection models. Cuomo, like many of his fellow blue-state gubernatorial colleagues, employed covid forecast models from the Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation (IHME) to guide state policy. This is where the second obnoxious lunatic, Bill Gates, enters the picture. IHME is a Washington State-based institution that is wholly funded (to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars!) by the always conspicuous Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. (The Truth About Covi-19 / Dr. Joseph Mercola / 2021) Most politicians, like Cuomo, were solely informed by forecasting “experts” at the Gates-funded IMHE and were “sold” on dire projections that hospitals were on the verge of being overrun by covid patients. Alarm bells were ringing as the Gates’ IHME “panic mongers” and richly paid propogandists projected catastrophic shortages of lifesaving equipment within days, not months. Of course, such projections conveniently fit the Gates’ narrative and dream of advancing his global vaccine experiment on humanity during the same period.

The IMHE data and projections became the “reason” for governors like Cuomo to hastily clear out their hospitals and medical centers across the state, sending thousands of “covid positive” recovering patients back to nursing homes and elder care facilities. (The Truth About Covi-19 / Dr. Joseph Mercola / 2021) The result was a surge in nursing home death warrants that soared by tens of thousands of lost lives in the span of a few short months. It is worth noting that other incompetent Democrat governors employed the same IMHE playbook which added to these catastrophic death counts. The five states of New York, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, and Michigan accounted for approximately half of the nursing home covid-19 related deaths in the United States (with Cuomo’s New York and Newsom’s California holding the top spots on this dubious list of futility and tragedy).

Hollywood and the entertainment industry rewarded this disastrous example of progressive-style government negligence by shining the spotlight on Cuomo using venues such as daytime talk shows, Hollywood-style press briefings and late-night comedy appearances (a venue model that is identical to the one granted to Fauci). Governor Cuomo even found time to appear with his brother Fredo on CNN making light out of the covid pandemic right in the middle of the New York State nursing home tragedy – this sickening display on CNN is caught on video everywhere.

The sloppy and lazy reliance on a single source of sketchy IMHE data was not restricted to incompetent governors like Cuomo. Federal bureaucrats like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx (each with substantial financial ties to the Gates Foundation and his “global network”), fully endorsed, promoted and used the IHME covid forecasting models to force their policy recommendations across the nation. Dr. Birx, who simultaneously holds a seat on the IMHE board of directors, exclusively relied on IHME models to project outcomes and advise state officials. Our readers may recall that Birx presented the completely flawed Imperial College Murray & Ferguson projection models in the early days of covid – an action that should have resulted in her immediate termination from the US covid steering committee.

“False prophets of doom” like Fauci used the very same IMHE data to stir up angst and panic across the nation by language and rhetoric that was clearly intended to unsettle Americans and other citizens around the world (a strategy that clearly feeds into Gates’ self serving interests and pursuits). ON December 24, 2020 Fauci extolled, “This is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11 moment, only it’s not going to be localized.” At best, this type of inflammatory rhetoric serves no purpose other than to panic the masses, feed the media, and set the stage for unending form of draconian rule by power hungry government and public health care officials. As we are all far too well aware of, the covid policy “landscape” set off a chain of events that led to indefinite lockdowns, sweeping business closures, statewide curfews, and mind-boggling nursing home death tolls.

Turning our focus back on to Bill Gates, it is curious if not infuriating that this maniac has never been called out and forced to defend the disastrous failures of his overhyped and fatally flawed IHME modeling framework. Consider the following as you assess the Gates IHME framework:

“The IHME models that demanded unending lockdowns and other insane restrictions relied entirely on spurious covid-19 data coming from the city of Wuhan, China. The early statistics concerning deaths, hospitalizations, and overall age stratification have not come close to matching the actual data on the virus. IHME used a 3+% death rate when the actual number from covid-19 settled in at 0.1%. IHME’s risk projections, which they presented as sound science, were all incredibly overinflated.” (The Truth About Covi-19 / Dr. Joseph Mercola / 2021)

Some caution must be applied when referring to Gates’ as a simple moron. Although he lives up to the title of moron in many respects, it is more accurate to define Gates as a maniacal and diabolical villain who is recklessly peddling covid-pseudoscience in order to advance a much larger and more sinister agenda.

Bringing this story full circle (for now), we can conclude that Cuomo, Fauci and Gates are off the charts in terms of their arrogance, ignorance and malintent. We can also conclude that the effect of these uncontrolled authoritarians has been tragic death counts particularly amongst our most vulnerable members of society. Throughout this disaster, Cuomo memorialized his smug and contradictory brand of bravado by making filmed statements like: “This is not our first rodeo.”; “Incompetent governments kill people.”; and “Coronavirus in a nursing home is like fire in dry grass.” (The National Review Magazine – February 17) In reflecting on the performance of morons and lunatics like Cuomo, Fauci and Gates, all Americans and citizens around the world should beware of these false prophets of pseudoscience and their obsession with other nefarious agendas and massive financial interests. At a minimum, this group of clowns has zero credibility and should be doubted and challenged in every single thing that they say and do. By; Extremely American Colin Wright


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