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DarkHorse Podcast: Support & Defend - Military Whistleblowers Confront a Rogue Chain of Command

Support and Defend: Military Whistleblowers Confront a Rogue Chain of Command

October 2022: Bret Weinstein speaks with three active and past duty service members about their experience in the US military during Covid, they seek to bring to light what they are seeing and what it represents.

Podcast Preview John Bowes is a first lieutenant in the United States Airforce, he is a student F16 pilot who has been grounded over the Covid vaccine mandates. Olivia Degenkolb has been in the US Navy for 20 years as an active-duty service member, she is a foreign area officer, and was selected as the assistant naval designate to Beijing, the department of defense has recently stated that she cannot return to service as an unvaccinated member. Dale Saran is an attorney and a retired major in the Marine Corp, he has been litigating the military vaccination issue for the past 20 years.

Podcast Timestamps

(00:00) Introductions

(03:22) Sponsors

(09:07) Gulf War Syndrome and anthrax vaccine mandate

(14:40) Nuremberg

(20:14) Olivia's story

(30:45) Readiness

(38:40) Saboteurs, enemy action, regulatory capture

(53:30) Military mandates

(01:02:50) Adverse events

(01:07:40) Members of Congress

(01:13:40) Experience prior to mandates

(01:20:08) John's experience, religious accommodation, and natural immunity

(01:29:37) Fetal cells and religious beliefs

(01:40:50) Opting out due to scientific beliefs?

(01:49:13) Accepting immoral orders and Biden's speech

(01:53:00) Olivia and John's closing personal stories

(02:04:35) Wrap up


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