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David Freiheit: "When should Liberty yield to the 'Greater Good' as defined by government?" - NEVER!

August 6, 2021: David Freiheit is a Montreal based Canadian litigator and exceptional podcaster. Freiheit's message of freedom (expressed in understandable legal terms) has been gaining momentum in Canada and internationally. This short video is intended to be a brief introduction to David Freiheit and alert Quebecers and other Canadians of this powerful voice for freedom and civil rights.

David Freiheit is also a candidate running for office in Quebec (Notre-Dame-de-Grace-Westmount) with the People's Party of Canada (PPC). You can follow Freiheit on YouTube (under the name VivaFrei). Any Canadian interested in reclaiming their freedom and civil rights would do well to follow David Freiheit and throw their unwavering support behind him.

By: Extremely American & Extremely Canadian Colin Wright


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