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DC Establishment RINO's are Undermining Jim Jordan & American Patriots: Call These RINO's Now!

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

October 17, 2023: This group of DC Establishment RINO's are undermining the interests of their constituents and tacitly showing their allegiance to the Democrat Party. These so-called "moderates" are Democrat operatives and DC Establishment scoundrels in disguise.

You can reach their offices by calling the central line: 202 - 225 - 3121

Let these hold-outs know what you think about them and their blatant disregard for your interests and well-being, let alone their obvious role in subverting America's safety, stability and prosperity.

Let these RINO's also know that their actions will be remembered and held against them in the next election cycle.

Don Bacon: (202) 225-4155

Vern Buchanan: (202) 225-5015

Tom Cole: (202) 225-6165

Mario Díaz-Balart: (202) 225-4211

Carlos Gimenez: (305) 222-0160

Drew Ferguson: (202) 225-5901

Frank Lucas: (202) 225-5565

John Rutherford: (202) 225-2501

Mike Simpson: (202) 225-5531

Rob Wittman: (202) 225-4261

Steve Womack: (202) 225-4301


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