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DHS Secretary Mayorkas & Biden will NOT Accept Cuban Refugees & Conservatives know why...

The answer is simple. Cuban-Americans and Cubans LOVE America, and will vote to protect American values and freedoms. Thus, they are collectively "persona non grata" according to the illegitimate biden regime.

Governor DeSantis made the following statements:

We have people here who were in the Bay of Pigs and they remember the Soviet involvement in Cuba from the 1960’s on. Now you have China, and they are involved in Venezuela — and oh, by the way — now is not the time to be taking away sanctions on Venezuela: that’s gonna end up helping the Cuban government. Obviously it will help the dictatorship in Venezuela as well.”

So, I think that you have the potential for a lot of hostile influences in the Western Hemisphere and in that Cuban regime is the centerpiece of any malign actor who wants to be involved in the Western Hemisphere against American interests ... The first place you go is to Havana and you make common cause with them. And so they have caused — if you look at the Western Hemisphere since the regime seized power, Havana has been the focal point of almost all the problems in the Western Hemisphere. The majority of the problems emanate from there. When you see some of these other Marxist regimes that have Cuban dictatorship’s fingerprints on it every single time, that regime’s existence has obviously been very devastating to millions of people’s lives. It’s been very hostile to American interests consistently for over 60 years every step of the way.”

I think if you look at what Rosa Maria Paya Acevedo said, I think she outlined a number of very forceful steps that could be taken to be able to stand in solidarity with the people of Cuba and I think that those would be very much appreciated and could be done immediately. How this develops and how things would happen, this is a very dynamic and fluid situation but I would say at a minimum, if we’re understanding the stakes, understanding why people are revolting, and we’re siding with the Cuban people, you could probably get a lot of the policies right at that point. If you go into it thinking they’re upset about a vaccine shortage or they’re upset that there’s not enough groceries in the store, but they just want the regime to change a few things around and kind of rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, if that’s what you think, then you clearly have no hope of getting a favorable outcome.

Rosa Maria Paya Acevedo founder of 'Cuba Decide' believes that America should not negotiate with the Cuban dictatorship, provide internet access to the Cuban people, target the Cuban regime with sanctions and join forces with other Western-Hemisphere countries to join a movement against the Cuban regime.

The Biden administration position is pro marxist apparatus while the position of Governor Ron DeSantis is anti marxist/communist. Biden will stand with the CCP, Washington establishment, and the Cuban regime while Governor DeSantis will stand with the freedom loving people of Cuba.

By: Extremely American Kevin Wright

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