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The Latest Dimension of the “New Normal”: Implanted Vaccine Packages & Digital ID2020

Feb 4, 2021: This may sound like a title from the latest horror movie, but this is not a movie. In an article prepared by Peter Koenig of Global Research (Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization), it was announced that the German Parliament ratified the implementation of the UN’s Agenda ID2020 on January 29, 2021. The only thing more alarming than the recently ratified motion known as the “Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization Digital Agenda2020”, is the insidious detail associated with this monolithic initiative. It is doubly unsettling that a project of this magnitude, set to affect all humanity, is being carried out in the darkest corners of the darkest rooms by a clandestine cadre of the world’s most dubious and most doubted characters.

Highlights of GAVA’s AgendaID2020, should stop every single person in their tracks:

- centralized electronic data collection of every citizen and database to be used exclusively by transglobal government agencies, police and private sector interests

- the database will capture intimate details of every citizen with over 200 points of information to be captured initially

- in time, the system data capture will be extended to bank account details, shopping habits, health records (with an emphasis on vaccination status) and political inclinations / affiliations

- Agenda ID2020 was specifically designed by Bill Gates as part of the “vaccination package”

- The Gates “vaccination package” is fully backed by the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), a triumvirate collectively known as the Vaccine Alliance

- GAVI is a uniquely structured public-private partnership, where the WHO and WEF for the public component while powerful private interests like the Rockefeller Foundation, Accenture, J&J, Merck and the Gates Foundation

- The major pharmaceuticals have developed vaccines that consist of, in part, nano-particles that are electro-magnetic (EM) radiation accessible (consider the science of 5G and 6G here)

- The ID2020 agenda includes the vision for vaccine implants that are remotely accessible via EM based technology (including EM robotics, algorithms and computers)

(sourced from: Implanted “Vaccine ID” and GAVI’s Digital Agenda2020; Peter Koenig; February 3, 2021)

Similar efforts are underway in Switzerland where the same players are involved. Other European nations are charting similar paths with similar urgency. And around the world, other nations and their citizens are bearing witness to similar activities that are raising many serious concerns.

Although Gates’ Digital Agenda2020 may have the feel of an Orwellian novel, anything seems possible after 2020. We’ve seen excessive overreach by global power brokers and government agencies. We’ve noticed the conspicuous emergence of unwelcomed and unelected ruling elites secretly “unveiling” suspicious programs that most people find unsettling at best. We’ve also seen these same unwelcomed and unelected elites interfering with the workings of national governments around the world. None of these pieces are “adding up” especially when one acknowledges that these elite rogues are eliminating society’s most basic human rights while applying the force of inflexible and mandatory measures by a group of magnates most informed people do not trust at all. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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