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Divider-in-Chief & American Traitor Joe Biden: "The un-vaccinated are killing people"

July 18, 2021: Joe Biden claims Americans who remain un-vaccinated "are killing people". In his ongoing desperation to blame others for his incompetence and constant failure, Biden abruptly accused half the US population (the "un-vaccinated") of being "killers" - please refer to Biden's 25-second statement to the press. There can be no denying that Biden decries anyone who challenges his failed policies and actions - in this case Biden literally accused half the nation (and even Facebook!) of being "killers". This American traitor and his Marxist DNC party are a disgrace to the nation and all lovers of freedom around the world.

Biden's flailing, vindictive, accusatory, and inflammatory words - words that are aimed at half the nation - offer nothing but more division in America and even greater resolve for those who elect to remain "un-vaccinated".

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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