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EA News Alert: Mike Lindell to release seminal docu-movie “Absolute Proof”

Feb 5, 2021: MyPillow CEO and American patriot Mike Lindell announced the release of a 3 hour documentary movie (Absolute Proof) highlighting the theft of the 2020 US Federal Election. This historical documentary will formally unveil a complete and fully integrated analysis of all evidence that media and state courts refused to hear and acknowledge before, during and after the US federal election. Absolute Proof will cover everything from the diabolical role played by Dominion Voting Systems to the nefarious Hammer & Scorecard techniques used to hi-jack the results of the American election. Stay tuned for more cable TV details and alerts regarding a docu-movie that should be everyone looking for the truth regarding the theft of the 2020 US election. EA Must-Watch Cable Movie: ABSOLUTE PROOF


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