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Dr. Bryan Ardis: A Critical Review of Hospital Protocol & Treatment during the Pandemic (Video)

September 2, 2021: Vaccinated or not, this presentation by Dr. Bryan Ardis provides important content and cautionary comments regarding hospital protocol for Covid patients visiting hospitals during the pandemic. A critical risk-benefit assessment (associated with Covid-19 hospital protocol and treatment) is provided here for your reference.

Dr. Bryan Ardis Statement

(Source: Bryan Ardis Website)

In early 2020 I lost my Father-in-law because of ill-advised hospital protocols. Since that time, I have been on a mission to help educate the public about the dangers to Americans, in many of our "institutes of health".

I am passionate about exposing corruption of the medical system and the powers that be in this country. My focus is on medical freedom, education, and waking up the world with the truth.

I hope to inform, inspire and empower those who are struggling with personal health issues. I promise to deliver real research and applicable information that can free people from emotional despair and fear, created by symptoms of disease and disinformation.

Ardis Labs and the Ardis Healing Center have helped thousands of patients from all over the world, including, from countries as far away as the Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, Barbados, Italy, Scotland and many more.

I sold the Ardis Healing Center in October of 2018, and now consult the three practitioners who have taken over the practice, which now carries the name, North Texas Healing Center. I co-founded TruLabs LLC and formulate all of the hydration products we make.

You can find my podcast, "The Dr. Ardis Show", on vokalnow, YouTube and

You can find all our healthy and natural Ardis Labs products right here on

For more information about our hydration products please visit


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