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Dr. Robert Malone Supports Florida Surgeon General Ladapo's Florida Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccines

‘Preponderance of the Evidence’ Supports Florida Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccines: Dr. Robert Malone

Mainstream media’s attack on Dr. Joseph Ladapo a 'gross overreaction'

By: Masooma Haq and Steve Lance

October 23, 2022 (updated): Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo recently issued guidance that men aged 18 to 39 should not receive the COVID-19 vaccine, a recommendation that has been broadly criticized by mainstream media and the medical establishment.

But Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology used in the COVID-19 vaccines, said in a recent interview for NTD’s Capitol Report program that Ladapo’s guidance makes sense based on a Florida Department of Health study (pdf) and what the science community already knows about myocarditis in the young adult male population.

“The Florida study fits within what’s really the preponderance of the evidence,” said Malone. “What’s of course bizarre is the gross overreaction of the corporate media.”

Video below (click image):

The mainstream media overwhelmingly criticized Ladapo’s decision, quoting various experts who said his assessment was flawed and that the surgeon general was getting “political.” Ladapo is a Harvard University-trained medical doctor with a doctorate of philosophy who was an undergraduate chemist and later a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, Malone said.

“Tell me who’s more qualified than this guy to make these determinations,” he said.

Florida Study on Cardiotoxicity

Malone said he took an extensive look at the Florida study, discussed it with an experienced epidemiologist, and spoke with Ladapo about the findings.

“I came away completely convinced that the study was valid within the size of the data that he had to work on,” said Malone.

The Florida study focused on the second dose of the vaccines and was not looking at the later boosters, because data for those will take time to mature, which is a fact Ladapo acknowledged, said Malone.

The study seems to suggest that these cardiotoxicity effects were being observed in the younger male adult cohort who received the mRNA vaccines but not with the adenovirus vector vaccines such as the Johnson and Johnson product, said Malone.

Contrary to this smaller Florida study, much of the other data that Malone has studied shows there are as many problems with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine causing cardiotoxicity as the Pfizer vaccine.

But if the Florida study is found to be conclusive by other future studies, “that would imply that the spike protein itself may not be the primary driver of the toxicity, and it could be that much of this cardiac toxicity is driven by the formulation of the RNA itself. In other words, the delivery material.”

Health Concerns About mRNA Technology

At the start of the pandemic, the World Health Organization held a meeting with key regulatory agencies in the Western world, where they determined that mRNA technology, a new vaccine delivery material, could be widely used for other things (pdf).

Malone said some of the agencies were on the fence about this, but that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration bought into the idea that mRNA could be used as a platform technology, and that once it was introduced into the population, the developers who hold the intellectual property and data would be able to swap out different RNAs, such as for influenza or cancer therapies.

“In terms of competitive position, it basically gives Moderna, Pfizer, and BioNtech a monopoly in perpetuity on the technology, and we’re seeing that deployed now,” he said. The boosters are referred to as bivalent vaccines, but Malone is critical of the fact that they have only been tested on mice and that there were no human trials.

Malone said there are currently 200 clinical trials being conducted for other mRNA-based products being used as a platform technology.

Malone wants regulatory agencies and health officials to ask whether the core platform technology is truly safe before putting the products on the market for the public.

“We’ve seen some of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system toxicity,” he said. “We have more and more signal coming out suggesting these oddly aggressive cancers that are just popping up, or people who thought their cancer was under control, suddenly after taking the inoculations, their cancers become very aggressive rather abruptly, in ways that pathologists and cancer surgeons aren’t used to seeing.” Autoimmune diseases have also been on the rise in patients who received the mRNA vaccines, he said.

With the recent admission by a Pfizer executive that the company did not have evidence that the vaccine would stop transmission, Malone questioned why all the extreme measures were taken during the pandemic.

“The data are now out from all over the world that the vaccines … are not preventing people from being infected. They’re not preventing replication of the virus. They’re not preventing spread,” he said. “And now it’s becoming increasingly clear with Omicron, they aren’t protecting against disease or death.”

Malone said the campaign to convince people to take the vaccine was based on the hope that it would work.

“That’s not a basis for making public health policy, shutting down the country, destroying lives, destroying small businesses, [and] destroying the economy,” he said. “There has to be some accounting for this.”

Source: The Epoch Times (Exclusive)


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