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EA Announcement: Extremely American - Extremely Inclusive

Mar 2, 2021: As Extremely American (EA) moves beyond its January 2021 launch, the EA team is thrilled to confirm the emergence of a rapidly growing community consisting of thousands of patriotic and freedom loving citizens from the United States and around the world. The early success of the Extremely American site has not only been marked by exceptional growth in our number of daily site visitors but, also, marked by thousands of daily site visitors originating from many countries around the world (with noteworthy site traffic coming from Canada, the European region, Central America, Asia and Australia/New Zealand). Each Extremely American subscriber is a part of a rapidly growing and geographically diverse international community - and Extremely American is thankful for your role in adding to the energy and diversity of our community.

The next phase of EA’s web site development will include enhancements that provide a more interactive experience for our community. Building off, and adding to, our current inventory of unique content (employing long and short articles, videos, attributed reports, and political cartoons/memes that go well beyond politics and the American border), EA will explore interactive feedback/communication features, podcasts, and audio/video livestreaming designed to enhance the experience of our worldwide EA community. Given the global reach of the EA audience, EA is also committed to providing an optimal mix of US and international content as we cover important and common themes affecting all people around the world, in all areas of life. Our mission will continue to be based on a desire to deliver an authentic, honest and ethical brand of informative, relevant and entertaining news coverage to all people (regardless of their nationality, race, gender, political orientation, and philosophical ideology). And, thus, the EA branding has been modified to place additional emphasis on the interests, challenges and needs of patriotic and ‘freedom fighting’ citizens worldwide:

Extremely American - Extremely Inclusive

To start our migration into a more interactive format, EA would like to draw from the knowledge and creativity of our ‘highly-informed’ community by requesting (1) suggestions for topics to be covered and (2) reliable sources to be considered when producing our content. EA will do its best to enhance our site by incorporating all ideas and suggestions offered by respondents from our community. EA is also actively seeking volunteer contributors (from the US and around the world) who are interested in expressing their take on world events and topical themes of the day. Volunteer contributors/writers will be attributed according to their wishes and interests.

Please feel free to contact the EA team at with suggestions, feedback, or questions regarding how to participate as a writing contributor to the EA site.


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