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EA Arizona Update & Alert: Wendy Rogers, Arizona State Senator | ACWT Interview

November 3, 2021: Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers provided a full update on the audit path taken by state officials with the help of the Cyber Ninjas. The Cyber Ninja Report confirmed tens of thousands of Arizona votes were fraudulent and corrupted. Given that Biden "won" (stole) Arizona by approximately 10,000 votes, the confirmation of tens of thousands of corrupt/compromised/fraudulent votes makes the Arizona election result in 2020 null and void. Senator Rogers continues her unwavering efforts to expose and reverse the illegitimate Arizona election results.

For full details regarding the Arizona "election theft" and the next steps, watch this ACWT interview and enjoy learning more about the inevitable path to full decertification of the 2020 Arizona election results. Once Arizona falls, you can expect other stolen battleground states to follow suit.

As Senator Rogers claimed, "the 2020 Arizona State election was rife with fraud and the results will be decertified".

After watching the video included in this post, please click the link below to place your vote to decertify the 2020 Arizona Election:

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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