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EA Flashback: Trump's 'Employment Machine' put in Proper Perspective

Brief Highlight & Flashback: Regardless of the economic performance metric used, President Trump's economic success is unparalleled in modern American history. It was also a brand of economic success that all Americans enjoyed and participated in - President Trump truly delivered the most sweeping and natural form of diversity and inclusion this nation has ever experienced in its delivery of economic progress. A comparison between President Trump and Barak Obama vividly illustrates the difference between an economic genius (Trump) versus an inept economic moron (Obama). Equally important, one should consider that the current illegitimate fraud in office (Biden) is modelling his American economic platform after the disastrous model hoisted on America by Obama (so, under Biden, Americans can expect results similar to and likely worse than Obama's disastrous numbers).

The combination of "Obama-economics" and new-age "woke-socialism" is something every American should oppose and fight against. Keep an eye on all the economic metrics and ensure your elected officials understand that (1) we are all tracking the outstanding benchmarks set by President Trump and (2) we are evaluating today's politicians against President Trump's hallmark economic performance as our President. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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