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EA Guest Editorial by ED: “The Great Race Hustle”

April 23, 2021: Extremely American is pleased to introduce a new Guest Contributor to our EA community. As EA has stated in our website mission statement, our goal is to share accurate information and provide constructive perspectives and thoughts on world events all while bringing society together.

Today’s Guest Contributor goes by the moniker ED. By way of background, ED is a 56-year-old black software engineer from Atlanta, Georgia. ED’s concerns about America transcend politics, mainstream media, and race. He is a highly informed and authentic patriot who places his concerns about world events and their consequences well above anything else. He is especially pained to see our media constantly failing to foster honest two-way discussions on race in America. ED is convinced that we do not have a race issue, but rather a ‘manufactured’ situation intended to shame the public into making irrational decisions. This is what he refers to as the “race hustle” in the article below.

One additional point of background is worth noting. Extremely American and ED discovered each other on a small grass-roots blog. Extremely American noticed the comments of a thoughtful, informed, and proactive individual who clearly puts his interest in informing others with information and insights that are consistently intended to draw people together, not to balkanize them. From this shared point of interest and approach, ED graciously agreed to share his views with our Extremely American community. We welcome this thoughtful patriot and ‘force multiplier’ to our community. (Preamble by: ED and Colin Wright)

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Now that a verdict has been reached in the trial of Derek Chauvin, one thing is for sure, this will not be the last time the public will be treated to a racially charged case fueled by an irresponsible media. During the disco era, the hustle was a new type of dance, it could be performed alone or in pairs, but the steps were choreographed such that they naturally fit virtually any disco beat. The same goes for over-hyped stories such as the one with George Floyd.

The steps for the “race hustle” start with the assertion that whenever a white police officer harms a black suspect, the officer’s ultimate motive is driven by racial superiority. The next step is the mainstream media will over-sensationalize the story with crying mothers, civil rights representatives’ allegations of racial injustice, and a sanitized version of the victim’s potential to make the world a better place. Following step two, a torrent of around-the-clock news stories of unfair police practices in marginalized communities are broadcast. The barrage of stories makes no room for any critical analysis of the perpetrator’s decision-making that led to the incident. The race hustle is that it is always a "no lose" proposition. Whether guilty or not guilty, there is always a need to restart the hustle over again.

Finally, this leads one to ask “why?”. There are many answers, but a major reason is that distorting and manipulating news is a means to invoke change without holding an election. The woke mob can scare churches, corporations, and municipalities to invoke policies that bend traditional values without going to the ballot box. Critical mass is fast approaching. When it does it will be nothing like disco dancing. By: Extremely American Guest Contributor ED


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