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EA News Flash: Florida has become an ‘Oasis’ for all Freedom-seeking Americans

May 28, 2021: Epoch Times reported on a massive surge of incoming migrants and tourists taking place in Florida. Floridians are proudly embracing the patriotic leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis while other Americans desperate for the patriotic and conservative leadership of Governor DeSantis are fleeing ‘blue states’ and pouring into Florida at record rates. Of striking note, the people moving to Florida from abroad are ‘overwhelmingly’ registering as Republicans, including life-long Democrats. (The Epoch Times – Jack Phillips; May 27, 2021) Governor DeSantis proudly confirmed what he is seeing in the recent data by stating,

The People moving to Florida from other states are ‘overwhelmingly’ registering as Republicans, and that includes Democrats who fled their states due to COVID-19 restrictions.”

Florida and the exceptional leadership of Governor DeSantis continue to be the blueprint for what most American political leaders are finally starting to wake up to. While leaders of other States in the Union begin to adopt the approach of the DeSantis form of responsible government and political leadership, other American citizens outside of Florida have already made the decision to flock to a “Beautifully Free Florida”. I personally made the decision to migrate to Florida four months ago and can confirm that it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. There is no better feeling than leaving a state or province that is over-run by Marxists/socialists and fascist political leaders and replacing that tyrannical setting with a truly free place to live like Florida.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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