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Powerful Editorial by Gaia Foley: "The Greatest Crime Against Humanity"

July 30, 2021: Imagine a human takeover plan so diabolical and so perfect that you could pull it off without 70% of the herd even knowing what was going on? Or even better, get the herd to ignore their own fate and actively participate in it. You are watching it in real time right now, and it’s beyond time to do the work of waking up everyone you know.

Believe nothing at face value and learn to identify a “narrative”. Read up on the subject of a virus/vaccine-driven global reset; Rockefeller Foundation docs, DAVOS, and Bilderberg plans for the NWO, Agenda 2020, Agenda 2030. Find current info on rigged PCR tests, inflated case and death rates, and cures, from experienced scientists and doctors which have been censored by big tech. Look up ivermectin on the Rumble video platform. Did you know, a recent FDA report on myocarditis is being censored by big tech? Incredible. Look into the history and relevant financial incentives of Anthony Fauci, WHO, FDA, CDC, and vaccine manufacturers. Learn to recognize corruption and propaganda.

You might conclude — as I have — that the virus was intentional and long-planned, and that global emergency powers with vaccine rollout were important to the plan. I know many people want to believe their own government would never do anything to hurt them, and if the sequence of facts opposes their belief, they will ignore it. Understood. There are many others who believe what their eyes clearly see. Don’t make the mistake of dismissing them as “kooky” conspiracy theorists. The theories have proven themselves over and over.

When “our” CDC, FDA, Fauci, and corporate media took vicious aim at HCQ, they proved a willingness to kill people in order to roll out the incredibly lucrative vaccines. The Lancet study on HCQ was demonstrably fraudulent (who contracted it, I wonder?), and when debunked, the truth was not widely publicized. I don’t understand why so many people still believe the words of these proven liars. Worse, why they put their lives and the lives of their families in the hands of liars. All the CDC and FDA reports are worthless to those who are paying close attention. Please pay close attention. Now is the time to fight for our freedom.

By: Extremely American Contributor - Pseudonym Gaia Foley


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