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Elon Musk claims next Drop of Twitter Files should lead to the Prosecution of Fauci

Musk Suggests Next Drop of Twitter Files Should Lead to the Prosecution of Dr. Fauci

By: Colin Rugg

December 11, 2022: On Sunday morning, Twitter CEO Elon Musk suggested that Dr. Anthony Fauci should be prosecuted as he appeared to tease an upcoming Twitter Files drop.

Over the past week, Musk has brought on journalists to study what was going on behind the scenes at Twitter when controversial decisions were made including the decision to permanently ban former President Donald Trump.

Musk released several cryptic tweets on Sunday morning hinting that the next round of Twitter files would be groundbreaking.

“Twitter was Wormtongue to the World,” Musk began as he appeared to make a Lord of the Rings reference.

“Twitter is speeding up,” he said.

Musk then took a direct shot at Fauci as he shared a meme of the doctor telling Biden, “JUST ONE MORE LOCKDOWN MY KING.”

“Now things get spicy,” Musk then tweeted.

The Twitter CEO then took a jab at the pronouns community as he said, “My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci.”

The string of tweets appears to suggest that the upcoming Twitter files will have to do with Fauci’s involvement with Twitter regarding COVID crackdown.

Musk has been on a tear in recent weeks as he has made it a top priority to expose former Twitter staff for targeting conservatives on the site.

Shortly after the release of the 3rd round of Twitter Files on Friday evening, the Twitter CEO confirmed that the actions taken by Twitter leading up to the 2020 election was clear evidence of election interference.

The comment from Musk came in response to a tweet from Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton who tweeted: “Breaking: @ElonMusk @Twitter Files show Twitter activist employees, without basis, suppressed and censored the President of the United States, @realDonaldTrump in the days before the 2020 election. This is damning evidence of election interference.”

Musk later replied, confirming that the evidence released in the Twitter files was proof of election interference.

“Unequivocally true. The evidence is clear and voluminous,” Musk tweeted.

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